Fun Functional Fitness & No Bake Granola Bars

Every now and then

That picture was actually taken to accompany a video I made about whether or not carbohydrates are bad for you for my online training clients but I thought it fitted this quote well too!
(we can chat all things carbohydrate soon, I promise.)

I also did just that yesterday, bit off more than I could chew, by starting to re-decorate two rooms in my house..eek

MMmm hmmm.
You read that correctly
I didn’t get a ‘man’ in to do it
I did it.
Well, technically my Super Mum and I did it.
So when I say I did it, I mean we did it,
OK then She did it and I helped by making tea & doing the odd bit of sanding to make it look like I was helping.


Seriously though, I did do a fair amount and it WAS a workout/exercise/activity/movement…however you want to package it up, it was pretty good work.

Lifting, balancing…yes see I’m balancing on that bath:


squatting & lifting, crouching, lunging, reaching, twisting, crawling…yes really crawling you have to get down to the bottom of the walls too you know…
by the way
crawling IS a good exercise, especially for your core, so get practicing those ‘bear crawls’ everyone
(there is a video here – if you don’t see it check back to the blog or search for it)

& you know I LOVE the stats on my apple watch
so I had to check whether my hard work equaled any kind of “fitness workout” for the day
It did
(thank goodness)
8.6km, 12,000 steps
& I didn’t even leave the house or walk anywhere.

But wait for it…
The super Mum “Madge’ as we affectionately call her, did an incredible 25,000 steps…19km
She’s unstoppable…I think she is actually the REAL Wonder Woman

She’s my biggest inspiration when it comes to getting on with life, keeping active daily and just doing ‘things’ and at nearly 71 years of age is the perfect example of this

we do not stop exercising when we get old

I mean, seriously, I’m not 100% sure what most 70/71 year old’s are doing
(do let me know how active your folks are, maybe I can create a few posts to help them get more active)
but I’m pretty sure she does more than most, maybe even more than a lot of 40 somethings..?

So, I urge you to bite off more than YOU can chew this morning.
Run further, swim faster, squat more, jump higher, sit less, walk, just don’t be stationary, move…

It’s Wednesday, so celebrate ‘hump day’ in style & do something big today

“Those who dare and dare greatly are those who achieve”

And while we are on the subject of biting chewy things…try these super simple NO COOK granola bars they’re great for re-fuelling post workout

no bake granola bars
& the kids will LOVE them too.

Oh and this little workout is a great ‘finisher’ to any active day…

Give it a go today!

Fun functional fitness

Have a great day


PS.  I couldn’t leave without mentioning this super tasty dinner we had last night, keep your eye out on the blog later today for the recipe…Homemade Superhealthy Turkey burgers with guacamole, chips, Parmesan rocket salad and cornichons…the WHOLE family will enjoy.



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