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So how did April Fools day go…did you get caught out?

Luckily there were no pranks in our household, and knowing my hubby I can only assume he totally forgot this year…phew…

Even if your April Fools Day pranks were a little subdued this year like mine, how are your Easter holiday activities shaping up?

We made a little ‘bucket list’ of things to do with the kiddos while they are off, it’s all been quite fun so far, I’d even go as far as to say I feel like we are ALL on a little ‘holiday’

So far we’ve had a fun road trip around Somerset, then a few days back home which have involved swimming, Starbucks, playdates, gardening & few trips to the park…when the weather’s been on our side…

The only thing I find, as much as I love having the little L’s around, is that time for me and my workouts get a little sidelined


That was until I threw together this cool little ‘playground’ workout last week!


It’s the perfect way to squeeze in a little strength workout whilst the children have fun playing too.

The park I tried this out in was fairly empty at the time so I didn’t feel too silly busting out my lunges and squats on the grass,

having said that, I’ve done it all before and the way I see it, I’ll probably never see any of the people who walk by me again so when time is short, needs must…

So no excuses this school holiday

Plan a little trip to the local playground, let the children play and have fun while you have a go at my workout!

Fresh air, sunshine and exercise endorphins…what are you waiting for?


See you tomorrow



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