5 Top tips to Stay Feeling Energised

Happy Monday Everyone.

How was your weekend?
Beautiful weather wasn’t it?
What did you get up to?

We didn’t manage a trip to the beach this weekend sadly but, randomly, we did take a ride down our local river on a pedalo…I highly recommend it…

So. Much. Fun.

We also introduced the little L’s to BBC’s Walk on the Wild side…
(apparently they’ve been learning about animals at school and watching David Attenborough)

So, us being us, we thought we’d show them the funny side as well as the ‘educational’ side…

They particularly liked the bird playing “nighttime – daytime” & “alan, alan, alan”

Take a look…the perfect way to lift you up on a Monday morning.

Anyway…Monday and back to business…
How is your food and fitness going?
Weekends aren’t an excuse to stop you know…

Remember your why.
When you know WHY you do what you do, even the toughest days become easier.

I have my WHY right here…


So, to help you get back on track and get the week going in the right direction, here are a few of my favourite tips to live your life the healthy way and stay feeling energised…

Focus on what you are doing that is GREAT
Aiming for a ‘bootcamp’ everyday this week and starving yourself 2 days out of 7 is only going to disappoint you.
Make a small change like adding fruit or veg to each meal instead.  A small, achievable goal like this, which you can make daily, can add up to 21 extra fruit & veg portions a week & make you feel great.

Balance it out
What works for you?
Yes…  we should all aim for 5-10 portions of fruit and veg a day but just because Acai berries are all the rage doesn’t mean you HAVE to eat them…
One diet plan does not fit all.
Find what works for you and enjoy your food.

Don’t DIET!
Living a healthy life is all about enjoying your food and activity & creating a healthy mindset towards it.
Don’t punish yourself by dieting and depriving yourself.
As I said above, find a balance that works for you & focus on nourishing & moving your body, your way.
It may take time to establish, but stay focused and you will achieve it.

Enjoy your food
Eat slowly & savor your food.
With bikini season knocking at our door, it’s very easy to get sucked into crazy diets and deprivation.
Remember to NOURISH your body with wholegrains, plenty of fruit & veg, lean proteins & healthy fats. Just make a plan, know the energy value of your food and most of all enjoy it.

Get Moving!
Don’t feel you have to run 5k a day or do a million ab crunches every morning…
because you really don’t
I absolutely encourage you to get active on a daily basis and do something other than sitting or sleeping
make movement fun and incorporate it into your daily life as well as doing your strength or cardio workout.
Consistency is key and so enjoying what you do is THE.MOST.IMPORTANT.FACTOR.IN.EXERCISE.ADHERENCE.

Hop, skip, run, jump, play, weed, wash, hoover
I don’t care, just move.
Walk and talk, don’t sit and sip
(catch up with friends over a take away coffee and go for an exhilarating walk in the fresh air to gossip rather than sitting in the cafe…)

Whatever you do
Worry Less
Have Fun
& Stay Strong

Here’s a simple workout you can try at home with a step…



Step it up Workout


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