Top Tips for Sticking to your Workouts



Let’s start this week as we mean to go on.

Get your trainers at the ready and let’s have some fitness fun!

To help motivate you to move & nourish your body everyday

I write these blog posts and send the occasional email
words of inspiration
a little food and fitness
to guide you into a wellness way of life.

And I’m making it a goal to get back into it on a more regular basis


quite frankly

I love it!

But if you really want to get
your blood pumping and heart racing for your next sweat session, why don’t you join me and my friends a little more closely?


80% of success is in just turning up…

One of the hardest parts to succeeding in an exercise programme.



My no.1 tip for sticking to your workouts?
Put them in your diary.

Write your plan for the week, or even the next 4 weeks, down on paper & make yourself accountable.

Signing up to a programme is the first step to success.

Tip two: Pre plan your workouts.


Ever notice the people who wander slowly around the gym reading the machines, sipping water, wasting time?

Do you think they get results?

let’s credit them for being there and trying
at least!

plan what you are doing
get on with it.

Better still,
take one of my routines with you,
do it at home,
join my online programme
or come to a class that is pre-planned for you!

Working out with friends makes the whole experience so much more rewarding too whether that’s in person or online.

By training with a buddy you hold each other accountable,
challenge each other,
keep each other going,
pick each other up
and have loads more


So fancy joining some like minded Fit Mums?

Then first up join our facebook community and sign up the Fit Mums Unite Group

On there you’ll find details of fun classes you can attend and lots of chat about health and wellness for women & mums.

If you’re little ones are off school already then online training may be your best friend so you can take your workout with you where ever you go, home abroad, gym, park, beach, poolside 😉

no time like the present

dust off your trainers
let’s do it.


we have it covered.

What are you waiting for?

Sign up now

Oh and
as we are all friends here
we love making new friends,

feel free to send this message
on to your friends that may like to join in too 🙂

Let’s get ready for summer!

I really regret

A one hour workout is 4% of your day…

Find the time for things that
make you happy to be alive



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