What would you try if you had no fear?


What would you try if you had no fear?

Many moons ago when I was
about 25
I met someone
who made me realise that
the only way to experience life in full colour
was to take risks,
take a chance
do things that got my blood pumping…


But in order to live this life
full of excitement, adventure & adrenaline
I had to make a decision to
walk away from the security
of a well paid media job,
sell my pretty victorian cottage in London
put distance between myself, my friends
& my wonderful mum!
(even though I was 25, she’s was my best friend then too!)

To me,
at that age,
it was
a MASSIVE deal.

I knew I had to
follow my dreams
or I would regret it for the rest of my life.

It was the best decision I ever made
it did
change my life.

15 years on
I’m married, I have two children and I’m slightly more cautious…
I’m not sure if I’d Bungee these days!

still inspired everyday by my family and my work
live my life in full colour,
I just do things differently and have different priorities now I’m 40.

Whatever stage of life you are at though
you can still challenge yourself.
Being trapped by fear so often
stops us
from ever moving forward and getting what we really want in life.

But as the saying goes,

‘Life begins at the end of your comfort zone’.

So where is the end of your comfort zone?


What would you do to find out?

Bungee jump, Sky dive or Run a Marathon?
Many people face their fears
by doing these things
to raise money for charity
which is

what about doing something that
lasts longer & makes a massive impact on your everyday life?

What about making a really BIG jump and being different to the rest?

Or making a plan to…?

A great friend of mine just sold up, yep everything – lock stock
to live her dream of sailing around the world…
Her children have grown up jobs and Uni to attend
so now it’s her turn for adventure.
And in her own words
she’s “at peace and very happy”
she’s only 50…

Another friend told me today how she was a little nervous
to be taking a career break for 12 months
to focus on her school age children…
she’s excited
scared about leaving her job at the same time.

I think it’s BRILLIANT!

She’s putting her family first and I’m sure it will be the best thing she’ll ever do…

So many of us feel chained to our jobs because they feed a certain lifestyle
never lose sight of who you really are
and what you really want in this life

So sleep well tonight and think about your dreams for tomorrow,
you don’t have to jump out of a plane
quit your job or sail off into the sunset
go out,
be fearless
just have a go at life.
Be bold. Be audacious. Be fearless

When was the last time
you did something for the first time?

Sweet Dreams


Today’s Food & Fitness

Thurs wk 5

2 Mugs of hot water and slice of lemon
Natural Yoghurt with mixed frozen berries (pureed) and topped with homemade Granola
Mid Morning Snack – Small Banana


Lunch – Salad of mixed leaves, small amount of green lentils, walnuts, beetroot, feta cheese, tomato, cucumber & shredded chicken


Spicy Chorizo with lentils & beetroot
we also added a little salmon steak between 3 of us and some butternut squash


Tuesdays workout

60 minute power walk followed by:

Fun, Functional, Fitness Circuit
Circuit one completed once
Then do circuit two 3-5 times
Then do circuit three once
done 🙂

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