7 Top Workout & Healthy Eating Tips to Start the Week


Workout? Eat healthy?

Every Morning  you have two choices…

Continue to sleep with your dreams
get up and chase them.

Let’s kick start the week by creating a plan of action that we know we can stick to.

Promise yourself this morning that you won’t waste any of your workouts this week.

It’s only 30 minutes a day you need to realistically move for and you get 1440 minutes a day to chose from!

So let’s go, here are my top 7 workout, healthy eating and relaxation tips for the week ahead:


Start the week right with a good strength-cardio combo first thing or last thing, your choice,
but work hard to feel great.


Start early today and take in the rising sun.
Walk for 30 minutes along a popular route of yours.
Embrace the world around you, hear the birds, smell the roses.


Start with a 5 minute meditation.
It’s hump day so clear your mind of the week so far & start with a fresh, positive outlook today.
We’re on our way to the weekend so let’s power there.
Finish the day with a good strength – cardio routine sealed with a hot chocolate & a good nights sleep.


Revisit Tuesdays walking route but go a little further today 🙂


Fancy a little run today? or maybe a cycle?
Whatever takes your fancy.
Get your heart pumping with a little more cardio.
If you take it up an intensity level, just do 20 mins.
Alternatively, walk again for 40 mins and add a few simple yoga stretches at the end.


Up and at em.
Get yourself down to your local Farmers Market this morning to bag yourself some nutritious fresh produce.


Have a rest.
Run around the garden with the children
Do some gardening.
Reflect on a great week 🙂

If you need added motivation, check out my fitness downloads and try one of my workouts, head to a class or sign up to the next 28 Day Fitness Challenge, it works anywhere you want it to 😉

And it’s always more fun to workout with friends #fitnessfriendshipsfun

Stay focused & extra sparkly this week….

Make your moves simple but significant.

Have a great week


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