Happy Friday!  How has your week been?


Started off with great intentions and then I hurt my foot 🙁 so not been able to train all week until today.

Good old R.I.C.E (rest, ice, compression, elevation) has helped and I was back to fitness again today with a super speedy leg workout which I think is great for runners.

Hot leg workout

It wasn’t the plan originally to do this workout today, but as I have had a couple of days extra rest than normal and my foot is still a little bruised, I went for this indoor workout rather than a run.  The Little L’s joined in, shows you can squeeze in workouts with them sometimes.  Take a look at my Instagram for video evidence!

My plan this week sees me attempting a 5 mile run tomorrow, so I am going to go for that, I think my foot will survive.  The plan I am following is essentially this:

Monday: Speed endurance runs (Tempo and 400m repeats) + Leg Workout
Tuesday: Rest or light 3-4 mile jog
Wednesday: Light 3 mile run + Full Body Strength Workout
Thursday: Rest or light 3-4 mile jogFriday: REST
Saturday: Long Run
Sunday: Upper Body & Abs and Stretching / Foam Roller workout.

I’ll be increasing my long run each week by approximately a mile with a couple of built in 5k and 10k pace runs.


With the hot weather we’ve been enjoying in the UK, healthy eating has been fairly straight forward this week.

Dinner: Chilli for a crowd – link to recipe in tuesdays post It was nice, but not one I think we’ll repeat


Breakfast: on the run at 6am, eaten on the go whilst traveling in between clients!
photo 1

Lunch: My Mum met me with 2 slices of peanut butter on toast – forgot to snap it…

Dinner: Surf and Turf, raid the fridge last minute salad.
photo 2


Breakfast: 1 x Poached Egg with mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, rocket and 2 slices of toast
photo 3

Lunch & dinner were delicious at mums but forgot photo!  They were healhty prawn and lentil salads.


Breakfast: Smoothie – 1 cup spinach, 1 cup mixed berries, 1/2 cup semi skimmed milk, 1/2 cup porridge oats, 200g natural greek yoghurtIMG_1030

Lunch: Picnic on the beach!


Dinner: Oven Baked chicken breast with new potatoes, green beans & carrots (the pic shows the children’s version where I made homemade chicken nuggets!!)


It’s been a fun few days at the beach, I’ll run my 5 miler here tomorrow before Kevin and I head up to the Cotswolds for a party 🙂

Enjoy your weekend folks…what you up to?

Let us know how your training is going!