Healthy Recipes And Snacks

Healthy eating for you and your family, breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks

I’m a real food lover and try my best to live a healthy balanced life which isn’t always easy with a husband and two children but with a little coaxing it can be done. These days the whole family is keen to prepare meals using fresh produce and we love experimenting with new foods and flavours, even the children. Sharing our quick & simple recipe finds and new creations with you on this blog is so exciting and we hope you enjoy the recipes as much as we do. Who knows perhaps some may even become your family favourites too.

It’s not all clean eating don’t worry, we enjoy our little indulgences too…so you may find the odd treat hidden amongst the goodness.

Our big tip for healthy eating? Live an 80/20 lifestyle, which simply means balance and moderation. If you learn to live by this rule, it makes eating healthy, fresh food a way of life that is easy to sustain forever, even allowing plenty of room to go out socially and enjoy a meal or cocktail with friends too. All you have to do is eat well 80% of the time and by that we mean fresh, natural, real foods then 20% of the time you are free to indulge.