Weekend Diet & Workout Ideas – Five Friday Favourites


It’s nearly the weekend whoaoaoah…

You need to sing that bit!

What do you folks have on the agenda?

We have a birthday party
(but when don’t you have a weekend birthday party when your kids are at school, does this last for the next 15 years???)

But then we are off to see friends on their beautiful sailing boat and I’m told the weather is going to stay as beautiful as it has been these last few days, so yipppppeeeee!

To round it off we’re heading to our beachfront hideaway for a Lazy Sunday.


Enjoy your weekends whatever they behold,  but before you get ready to chill let’s get back into our Friday Favourites
It’s been a while….

Friday Funny

Let’s start the weekend with a bit of fun.
This clip isn’t new but just in case you missed it last year, I thought it might make you giggle a little.

James Corden welcomes Alanis Morissette to perform some updated lyrics to her 1995 hit “Ironic.”

Click the picture to watch.


next up…

Super Healthy Muesli Bar

I like to call Sundays, Meal Prep Sunday and I’m telling you, this Sunday you need to get these yummy Muesli bars ‘prepped’ ready for the week ahead…
They are a delicious alternative to breakfast, in fact the perfect breakfast on the run if, like me, you get up and go at the crack of dawn everyday
Pair with a yummy skinny latte (adds 67 kcals)
a strawberry shake made from 150ml skimmed milk & 1 handful strawberries (adds 70 kcals)
or a handful of blueberries topped with 1 tbsp fat free greek yoghurt (adds 55kcals)

Deeeeelicious 🙂

Recipe details here


Exercise of the week – Lying Pullover

The lying pullover is a great exercise to tone the arms, shoulders, abs and diaphragm and whilst lying on the ball you get a little instability to help tone the abdominals and shift that mummy tummy.

It’s a great stability exercise for the both the lower and upper core.

Exhale as you pull over

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Repeat 12-20

28 Day Food & Fitness Challenge

Come on, why wouldn’t you?  Join me…come on, do it now!
A new challenge starts THIS MONDAY 9th MAY 2016

Let me tell you, this “Feel Great in 28” week challenge I have put together for you will do more than just change your body shape, it will re-train your mind and your attitude towards your own and your family’s personal fitness & nutrition.

It WILL change the way you feel about your own body, unleash positive daily actions you never knew you could achieve and help you look and feel positive every day. AND, you’ll get daily workouts scheduled into your personal fitness diary so you can achieve the governments healthy guidelines without EVEN having to think about it by yourself?

Wouldn’t you LOVE a personal trainers tips and motivation everyday for a fraction of personal training costs?

And let me tell you, it’s lonely in that gym, but on this challenge the team of challengers are so encouraging you’ll be desperate to eat the ‘meal of the day’ or do the workout just to get in on the action and share your progress.

What are you waiting for… Sign up before THIS Sunday and you’ll have your meal plan and workouts loaded and ready to rock by Monday.  Just do it


Quote of the Week

I’m telling you, you’ve got to be consistent… Don’t succumb to any quick fixes y’all, it’s got to be a lifestyle and you’ve got to make yourself ‘BE’ that consistently healthy and fit person.


I’ll leave you with a healthy weekend menu and an at home Body Weight workout both of which are below

No excuses, you can squeeze it in, just do it.

Enjoy the sunshine & don’t forget to sign up for the daily emails, better still join the 28 day Food & Fitness Challenge.

Believe me 1 year from now you’ll wish you had started today 🙂

Stay Active, Eat well


A Healthy Weekend Menu

Breakfast - Broccoli & Poached Egg Toasts

healthy-breakfast-broccoli-&-poached-egg-toastsThis delicious breakfast is a blood sugar wonder… and it counts towards your five day.  Give it a go, I guarantee you’ll LOVE it

Snack - No Bake Nut Butter Balls

IMG_6229A fabulous snack or just sweet enough to curb the craving after dinner.

Lunch - Salmon, Avocado & Spinach Wrap

Salmon-avocado-spinach-wrapA delicious, filling & healthy lunchtime treat

Snack - Apple with Nut Butter

P1040523Simply Slice the apple and spread with a nut butter of your choice and enjoy

Dinner - Szechuan Lamb Skewers with Carrot Salad

Szechuan-spice-crusted-lamb-skewers-with-carrot-saladQuick, healthy lamb recipe, perfect for barbeques.
Serves 4 and only 316 Kcals per portion

Fridays Full Bodyweight Workout