Getting Rid of your Muffin Top – The Truth about Spot Reduction


It’s probably the most common question I get asked

in fact I reckon most days someone will ask me

“how do I get rid of this bit”

– they’re grabbing the side of their torso, just above the trouser line –

Yep, you know the question I mean, the old fashioned

‘love handles’

modern day

‘muffin top’


Not only am I asked this most days, I think it’s been the most popular question I’ve heard everyday over the last 20+ years I’ve been a fitness practitioner…

I blame the endless sea of marketing gumph that does the rounds year after year hypnotizing us to believe there really is a ‘move’ or ‘product invention’ that magically tightens and tones those ‘trouble spots’

Sad thing is, for many, those spots are still not reduced are they?

So yesterday it came up again, so I thought I should explain.

I know what you’re dying to know:

So how many crunches DO we need to do?
or is it holding a plank for a record amount of time now?
Oh wait, a popular women’s fitness magazine on Facebook has just told me the best exercise right now to hone those abs is the lunge twist…


do weights, lift this, crunch that.

Want to know the truth?

We’re neglecting the most important factor of all


Crunch all you like, hold a plank, heck add in a lunge twist here and there, they all have a benefit but one thing they don’t do

they don’t burn fat.

That’s not to say they’re no good, but they can’t do the ‘spot reduction’ job on their own.

So what IS the answer…

Well I’ll tell you but prepare yourself because this might shock you…

The KEY to changing the shape of your body is….

wait for it…

come on now be patient…

Oh OK then, it’s to:

  1. Eat a low fat, healthy, wholesome, balanced diet
  2. Exercise regularly and consistently
  3. Combine Aerobic activity AND strength training

Phew.  Got it?

Not quite the magic solution you were after ?

Sorry about that, but I speak the truth.  No myths or misconceptions here.

But wait, that’s not all that difficult surely is it?

Aerobic activity burns calories
Strength training increases the amount of muscle – which burns even MORE calories

wait, wait, don’t be scared, you don’t need to run 5 miles a day and lift twice your body weight in dumbells


Any activity that elevates your heart rate can help you burn fat and take off unwanted pounds.

Bike, Run, Swim, Jog, Powerwalk, Ski, Step, Box

Us experts (😇)
recommend doing at least three sessions of 30 minutes of aerobic activity per week, regularly.

That can be anything,

no wait

add to that ‘you enjoy’

Want to really know the best kind of exercise to burn off stubborn fat?

‘The most effective exercise anyone can do is the one they will stick with consistently and forever’

Choose an activity because it interests you, not because it’s trendy or claims to be a great workout.  Focus on your own enjoyment and how it makes you feel rather than what it ‘might’ do for you.

Whatever you do, do a couple of things for me…

Firstly, always check with the doc before you start an exercise programme, especially if you are a female over 55 or male over 45 years or knowingly have high blood pressure, diabetes, you smoke or have a history of heart disease in your family.

Secondly, do something, anything.  Remember something is ALWAYS better than nothing.  A few press ups on the kitchen counter while cooking, a few squats in front of Eastenders, it all counts.  Just do something to move more and move it regularly…that’s how you’ll reduce those trouble spots.

Lastly, eat clean and you’ll stay lean.  It doesn’t have to be boring, just be mindful of what you put in your body.



If you want my help every day for 28 days, join me on my next 28 day challenge, starts Monday

I’ll see you tomorrow


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