I had to take the pelvic floor age test!  It was the first thing I did when I discovered the Pelviva website after having been asked to write about their new, soon to be launched, Pelvic Floor Exerciser.


It’s a simple questionnaire I urge all of you to check out.  So interesting.  Luckily for me, my pelvic floor is as old as I am apparently, but I know this is not the case for many of us.  I LOVE EXERCISE, including pelvic floor exercises, so when I heard how Pelviva could help, I got excited!

Pelviva is a pelvic floor exerciser, with a patented pulse, proven to work 25% more muscles than a conventional stimulator. Disposable, comfortable and discreet, Pelviva is designed to fit into today’s busy woman’s life without a visit to a Health Professional.

For many women Pelvic Floor & Restore the Core Exercises are an overlooked part of the fitness programme and can cause embarrassing issues.

Your pelvic floor is a layer of muscles, blood vessels, nerves and fibres that run from the front of your pelvis to the back, supporting your womb, bladder and bowel.   It needs strength to control the organs in this area.  Generally you don’t notice it, but if it’s weak (due to childbirth, menopause, age, genetics) you may experience lack of control and leakage.



If you’re like the one in three women who suffers the odd leak when you cough, laugh, sneeze or during exercise then you need to Exercise your pelvic floor.  Even if yours is holding up right now, like mine, you’ve got to keep up the exercise regime to stay strong and healthy.

I spend my life encouraging & motivating women to talk about their exercise habits, it’s what I do and I LOVE it.  So let me empower you now to discuss and incorporate the Pelvic Floor into your routine too.   In fact why not order with Pelviva & lets do a workout for it!  Before we do, let’s see the Science:

1 in 5 women who exercise worry about wetting themselves

15% of women surveyed said wetting themselves had prevented them taking part in exercise

16% of all women surveyed said they had wet themselves during exercise.
*** One Poll survey (February 2014)

Pelviva’s new product is a 30 minute exerciser that is easy to use in combination with your regular pelvic floor exercises, in fact it’s like our own mini pelvic floor dumbbell 🙂  Pelviva’s patented pulse program is designed not only to help make your muscles stronger, but also able to last longer when you need to go! It has been proven to reduce the frequency and amount of leaks in 84% of women**
** Clinical trial conducted by Wellcome Research 2010

The Pelviva Website is packed with useful information so take a look now 😉

Pelvic Floor Mini Workout

1) Identify your pelvic floor muscles by gently pressing your fingertips on the area between your vagina and your bottom (or put a finger or thumb into your vaginal opening) and feel your muscles contracting upwards and forwards towards your bladder. Pelviva do not recommend the practice of stopping your urine mid-stream – not even to find your pelvic floor as it may irritate your bladder and lead to infection.

2) Identify your pelvic floor muscles by relaxing your thighs, tummy and bottom and then imagine you are stopping yourself passing wind.  Also squeeze your vagina up as if squeezing a tampon higher.

3) Do all three above together to identify all three and work the whole pelvic floor.

4) Ensure you breathe when you squeeze and hold.  Relax the muscles above your belly button; the lower abs may tense slightly.

5) Practice all of the above lying, sitting and standing

6) It is an internal exercise, ensure you do not ‘over squeeze’ and tighten external muscles.

7) Once you have identified and mastered the contractions aim to hold the internal squeeze for up to 10 seconds before you relax & breathe easily throughout.

8) Repeat 10 times with relaxed tummy, breathing and gentle tension.

Other useful bits:

Pelvic Floor Calculator

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