How to beat the mid week blues


Have you heard the new Walk the Moon track yet?

I just love it, it’s a proper windows down, stereo up, boogie in the car kinda song,

perfect on a day like today.

I didn’t realise until the weekend that’s it’s from the new movie
“Norm of the North”

I can’t recommend the movie as I didn’t watch it personally, but the little L’s raved about it, so I guess that’s recommendation enough…

but the song

Oh I love it,

it’s a great workout track too.

I mean it is called ‘work this body’

I’m not sure the lyrics have anything to do with exercise or fitness but there is one line that says,

“I’m a workaholic”

and that’s kinda me…

Anyhow… I drove up to my second session of the day today, sun blazing through the windows and the song on my Spotify playlist, so I turned it up a notch or two and boogied my way into work…

And you know what, I was so bouncy that I totally forgot that it was Hump Day today!

Yes, you know,

the midweek slump day

the day in the middle of the week that’s neither a fresh start nor looking forward to a weekend of fun…

yep that day.

So if you’re feeling a little bit blue
(although with the sun shining like this today I’m hoping it’s bright sky blue and not sad blue)

then press play on this track, turn it up and have a good old boogie.

Nothing beats, Music, movement, smiles and laughter for a Hump day cure right?

Enjoy the rest of your day and remember,


I’ll see you tomorrow

Melissa xx

Want some happy hump day foodie inspiration today?  Here’s my day on a plate so far…


Fruit & Nut Porridge with maple syrup (I had a homemade vanilla latte with it too)

Sliced apple with peanut butter


Throw it together Spinach and Rice Salad with Feta Cheese & a cuppa Earl Grey 😉

and tonight I’m looking forward to Szechuan spice-crusted lamb skewers with a carrot salad, yum.

I’ll let you know how that ones goes tomorrow…

Today’s workout is going to be a leg workout from my 28 Day Fitness Challenge.

If you fancy a similar leg workout today, why not give this one a go…

Hot leg workout

read the instructions though, if you’ve recently had a baby take the modifications and don’t jump!  Also just do a basic step up, not a plyo one

Have fun and let me know how it goes in the comments below 🙂






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