Happy Friday & Here’s to Making the Most of it!

Hooray it’s Friday!

Everyone loves Friday don’t they?
Getting ready for a night out, dancing, singing, drinking, laughing… Oh wait what am I talking about, I have children now…

Just kidding, we get to go out still, just not as often these days.

The weekends are busy though.

This weekend we have dance, dance and more dance mixed in with a trip to the seaside, golf and the obligatory birthday party which seems to occur every bloomin’ weekend these days…all for the kids of course, not us.

Actually, the trip to the seaside is the little bit of the weekend for us, it’s great fun we all love it there even though this weekend isn’t set to be sunny and it’s going to be a bit of a whirlwind trip!

One of my all time favourite quotes that I’m sure I’ve shared before with you is


So true.

Life is flashing by, I remember when I started writing my daily blog a couple of years ago about the children starting school and this year they head into their final year of little school…eek!

I have a birthday coming up in a months time too, which seems to have come round again before I had time to blink, having said that, I’m not upset about the fact.
Despite being on the worse side of 40, I still LOVE a birthday and all the fun & games that go with it…

These life events are my little incentives to make us go out & crush as much as we can into
day….& have tonnes of FUN while we’re at it, hence the whirlwind trip to the beach!

So as you go about your day today, have lots of fun too, don’t worry about ‘stuff” & instead

Smile (a lot)
Breathe deeply
Be conscious of all the great things around you
Nourish your body with gorgeously healthy food
Enjoy moving more to the great tunes you hear on the radio
Go wild….

Don’t be scared to be happy and enjoy life because you know


And seeing as a door way or two is sure to come your way today and for many days to come, why not add a bit of exercise & work on your posture every time you walk through one?  Watch this video as see how…

And if, like us, you’re not nipping out to a “fancy schmansey” restaurant this weekend, how about cooking up a little ‘at home’ date night tomorrow night with this dazzling but super easy, super healthy Japanese style sirlion steak with dips for dinner…
(click picture for how to make)


Have a great weekend



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