After a restless night with one of the little L’s who was hot & poorly, I missed my early alarm call and ended up dashing out of the house with just an apple to chomp on in the car on my way to work – not an ideal start to the day!
Work was fun though, I took my client through a stretch and tone Yoga-esq workout as she is in her taper week in preparation for the Ranelagh Harriers Richmond  Half Marathon on Sunday – Good Luck Keri 🙂

On my return home I was greeted at the door by my husband, Kevin, handing me poorly little ‘L’ and we dashed off to the doctors – throat infection diagnosed, a prescription of amoxicillin & Disney”s Frozen under the duvet on the sofa, and we were on the road to recovery.


As a consequence of my mornings hectic activities breakfast didn’t materialize until nearly 11am, when I tucked into a cinnamon, raisin bagel with peanut butter and slices of banana accompanied by a Vanilla Nespresso Coffee….whilst singing do you wanna build a snowman…..!  (What a great movie)breakfast

Thursdays are swimming lesson day with the learn to swim team at Surrey Sports Park so lunch ended up at Starbucks – an unexpected delicious “Holy Guacamole” salad.  Described as a ‘fiesta of salsa chicken with a spicy chipotle sauce, beans & rice, fajita seasoning & salted fried beans’ – yum.  Accompanied by another small latte – it was kind of a treat…(I don’t usually drink tea or coffee after noon)
My personal workout for the day didn’t happen until after the little L’s bedtime and before dinner.  This fast functional workout was over and done with in less than 20 minutes but the perfect little pick me up I needed.Fun functional fitness

My brother in Law was here for dinner, so we showed off with a starter of Chicken Gyoza & Soy Sauce (I ate 2) followed with a delicious main of Roasted Salmon Fillets, Roasted Butternut Squash Salad and Puy Lentils served in a soy balsamic dressing.  It was delicious 🙂dinner

Early to bed as work starts at 6am….

What do you watch when your little ones are poorly?  Let me know in the comments below!