Embracing Change

Do you ever get that feeling that you have bitten off more than you can chew?

Decided to try something new and it’s left you in a little turmoil?

Well that’s me right now.

I’m like that little duck gliding gracefully along the surface of a pond, looking peaceful and in control but under the water the poor little thing is pedaling along like crazy to stay afloat…

You see, I’ve spent the last two years attempting to develop a more ‘grown up’, ‘informative’, ‘flowing’ website, in fact the reason my emails have been less frequent of late is because I’ve been trying to make them all a little better

I’m almost there…

I think.

My goal was to deliver my daily emails in a smoother, more organised way with a lovely library of information for you to be able to refer to daily, you know the usual recipes, workouts, motivation etc.

Simple right?

Not for this duck.

OK, you’re right,
it looks pretty on the surface,

you should see it back here…

It’s a maze of clicks, links, boxes and words I just don’t get.
I’m a duck in very deep water…in fact I fear I am heading out to sea and there is a storm ahead!

My mind is racing at 100 miles an hour, I don’t know whether to start at the top or the bottom
I can feel my chest clamping with dread at the complexities I face getting this message out to you,
I can’t help thinking it would be easier the old way.

I’m one very small step from running back to my good old email and sitting comfortably in what I know.


Then I remember how far I’ve come and how much work I’ve already put in…

Getting what we want doesn’t always come easy does it?  But maybe with a little hard work we can get there, can’t we?

Achieving good health and a reasonable fitness level is the same: it’s not easy, it takes hard work, but if we stick with it, we’ll get there.


Don’t fight fear…embrace it

If we always do what we’ve always done, because that’s what we are comfortable with, nothing will change



Our lives don’t get better by chance they get better by change.

How often do you change your workouts or try something more challenging?

How often do you try new recipes & new ingredients?

Come on, let’s make a few changes…

Let’s take more risks, heck it doesn’t matter if we make a few wrong turns, at least we tried right?

When it comes to fitness and food, set little daily goals that will light the way to your bigger dreams of health & wellness.

One little bit of exercise is better than none at all right? Do a few press ups before you get into bed, it’s more than you were going to do – it’s a change to the norm.

One good meal out of 3 a day is better than 3 bad meals a day right?

Being brave enough to take a running leap of faith right out of your comfort zone is a guaranteed way to grow. So instead of surrendering to your fears, face them and get into the habit of trying something new every week… or every day if you can!

Jumping out of our comfort zone and trying new things will:

1) Make us stronger

2) Keep Life Fun & Interesting

3) Create new opportunities

Believe in yourself, all it takes is a little vision, determination and dedication and anything is possible.

Are you ready to make a change and jump out of your comfort zone this week?

Let me know how it goes below…good luck!

Love Melissa


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