Practice Makes Perfect


My little ones love a run around, as most little people do…but today we got seriously ‘sporty’.

I mean, after running through sprinklers for a bit of a giggle we moved on to gymnastics, handstands to be precise and hula hooping!

Previously  the two above activities have created tantrums a plenty, you know the usual
“I can’t do it”
and then the classic stomp off to give up, head down hands on hips… you can picture it.

My motto?

‘practice makes perfect’

because it’s true, it does.

And you know what?

they have been…practicing, that is.

So, today was a pretty happy hump day!

The hula hoop stayed up for  a respectable amount of time for a 4 year old and the handstands, with a running approach, almost turned into ‘handsprings’!

I was amazed at how strong their little arms had become.

It was super fun and proved to them that if you keep on trying, keep on practicing, you will master it and that makes you feel good.

I say the same to fitness clients daily… If you only workout once a week you’ll remain a beginner, every week.

Put a little practice in 3 or 4 times a week & you’ll master it  & enjoy being fitter, stronger, healthier
and feeling great.

So, never give up, keep trying, keep practicing because you will get there.

And doing it with friends makes it even better, so if you want to practice more I’m here to help…

Fitness classes start back next week daytime and evening, if you want inspiration multiple times a week I’m here for you 🙂

And to celebrate  the family achievements today and make our Hump Day even happier, we scooted off to get the little L’s some popcorn (their choice I promise!) & I purchased my weekly bunch of flowers… they always make
me smile 🙂


So do the flowers…

I’ll see you tomorrow




Today’s Healthy Menu



Steady & Sweaty Workout

After a 3-5 minute warm up perform each exercise below for 1 minute

step ups (use stairs)
mountain climbers
fast feet
front punches
butt kicks
high knee jog ( or march)
step ups  (use stairs)
side to side low skips

repeat again for a 20 minute workout
3 times for 30 mins!

walk to cool down for 2 mins


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