Dinner Party Recipe – Steak with Chimichurri & Sweet Potato Chips

Oh Man…I have one thing to say to you today and that is…

Steak with Chimichurri Sauce.


I made it last night and boy was it a delight.

So quite simply, to brighten up your day today I think you should just go out, get the ingredients and make this dinner…

Totally guilt free too as it comes in at a mere 375 kcals per portion & packs many a nutrition punch too including 3…

yes 3

of your 5 a day.

And, it’s super simple to put together.

So, I’ll bore you no more and simply provide you with the recipe…** serves 4


TBH I’d see it as a positive that I’m not rambling on today seeing as it was my little L’s sports day yesterday and I had so much to tell you about believing in yourself and doing your best and getting what you focus on and how to get balance and stretch and…

the steak just superseded all of that…

apologies to the veggies out there…

and my children for not making them the highlight of today’s post…don’t worry your time will come!
and you don’t read this anyway…

Now go you lot…& get those ingredients and prepare your feast, after all if you nourish your body with great foods & make yourself feel good on the inside it will shine through on the outside…

Have a happy Wednesday


** recipe originally featured in Healthy Food Guide Magazine, July 2017

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