The Beginning of a Great Day Starts the Night Before


The sun is up…so let’s get going and get stuck into the day shall we?  I’m up for chasing those dreams of mine…are you?

Up for chasing your dreams I mean, not mine.

So, tell me, how do you do it? How do you set about getting stuff done everyday & fitting everything that needs to get ‘done’ in, in just 16 hours?

I love a list…I’m always writing down my ‘to-do’s’

I also love ticking off my list items when they’re done, it gives me great satisfaction.
I sometimes even cross them out because I’m a rebel like that…

Thing is though my bloomin’ list never seems to shrink, it seems endless,
probably because
I have a terrible habit of replacing ‘done’ items with new ‘to do’ items on my list almost straight away


Well, actually I used to do all this stuff.

Not now.

I found me a better way.

You see, my old ‘list’ habit was a little overwhelming to be honest…I always had so many things to do I didn’t really ever actually get anything significant done.

Turns out, I didn’t have a clear focus – despite this being the one thing I teach people to make sure they start with everyday in their health & fitness journeys…oops.

Not really knowing exactly what I wanted to get done on a particular day at the start of the day left me frazzled, frantically attempting to get everything I thought of done, each and every day…

No more.

I realised that to beat dragging my feet to get things done I needed to stop continually writing lists willy nilly and write out what I really wanted to achieve before the time came to actually achieve it.

So now I do it in the evening.

I read somewhere that “the beginning of a great day always starts the night before”

So now, each night, before bed, I make a list of 3 things I want to accomplish the next day.

I also read somewhere, “If you have more than three priorities you don’t have any”

So hence making my list just 3 items.

3 things notes

And I have to tell you it has really worked.  I feel less frazzled, I really do get stuff done and I’m moving forward with my goals.

Try it.

Grab yourself a little notebook & tonight, before bed, make a list of the 3 most important tasks you would like to achieve tomorrow,

I’ll help you with a few ideas:
1) Squeeze in a 30 minute walk at lunchtime
2) Take fruit and almonds as my snack
3) Breath easy and worry less 🙂

I know, we’re all busy and have a million and one things to do but if, the minute you wake up each morning, you see your 3 most important tasks to accomplish ready to go for that day, you may just get a little spring in your step

and move even closer towards a fitter, healthier & more contented you.

One last thing…make yourself accountable by telling others what’s on your list.

If I tell my family what I’m aiming to achieve in the day ahead
there is nothing worse for me
than when they ask “how was your workout today Mummy?”

and I haven’t done it…

Have a great day


Another awesome ‘night before’ trick are these super delicious overnight oats…boy you’re going to wake up tomorrow feeling so together you’ll be floating through your day!


Overnight Oats



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