Workout Music Playlist


There’s no doubt about it, Music has the insane ability to make or break a workout don’t you think?

An upbeat tune or better still a playlist full of cool tunes can work wonders for your workout motivation not to mention the energy you put into each and every squat…!

My latest playlist mixes new and old

and to be honest a few ‘hits’ the little L’s and I love to bop around to…

It’s brilliant for days when my motivation is weak and I need a little assistance getting my head into gear.

I definitely get ‘lost in the music’ with this one and it pumps my energy to jump around and sweat it out!

So if you need some music motivation get your headphones in, pump up your stereo and get those tunes rockin’

believe me it works… before you know it your workout will be done and you’ll feel amazing.

Just click a few tunes below and you’ll see what I mean 🙂

If you want more like this you can follow me on Spotify

and get even more cool tunes to press, pull, squat and lunge too…

And like every seasoned DJ, if you have any cool requests just comment below with your favourite tunes and I’ll add them!

Have a brilliant day

I’ll see you tomorrow




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