The Cutest Never Give Up Story


Morning Folks!

Long time no speak – how are your fitness and food plans working out?

As gorgeous as it is, this weather doesn’t help in the motivation stakes does it, so much easier to reach for the glass of rosé on these hot summer evenings than grab your training shoes & workout right?

Life is all about challenges though, it’s how we deal with them that counts.  Fitness & Food are a bit like that too….you don’t have to be great to start but you have to start to be great…whatever the weather!

So what are we waiting for, let’s go…

Talking of challenges, this weekend, my little lady L had a BIG and I mean BIG dance weekend.

To cut a bit of a long story short, it didn’t quite go as well as we’d hoped,

actually scrap that,

what I mean is, it didn’t START as well as we’d hoped.

Come the matinee performance on Sunday she had thrown in the towel, decided it wasn’t for her and that she wasn’t going to show up to perform, floods of tears of the sobbing variety (rather than the usual tantrum style ones…) ensued, it was heartbreaking.

She wanted to quit and that was that.

This is NOT my little girl at all, I mean she LOVES dancing, if you ever meet her she’ll be twirling and singing away to something, guaranteed.

But Saturday’s performance didn’t go to plan, let’s just say it was a little chaotic, things went wrong, costumes weren’t as they should have been and she thought she messed up…

She hadn’t.

In fact, she danced on like a little pro, despite the costume mishaps and the lack of partner she was supposed to be twirling arm in arm with…

So the dread of returning had set in and she was NOT going back.

OK, I hear you, I’m not cutting this story very short…sorry lifelong habit of mine.

Right I’ll cut to my point,

She did it, WE did it TOGETHER as a little team.

I promised I wouldn’t leave her side and so I didn’t
(don’t worry I didn’t step foot on the actual stage…that would have ruined the whole thing)

I just picked her up, dusted her off, explained mistakes are a good thing & making them paves the way for improvement & I stood by her side all day back stage and in the wings to guide her through her performance with all the motivation, smiles and encouragement I could muster.

It was an amazing second show.

She held her head high, sang with energy & emotion and was calm and excited to shine again.

We did it and it felt incredible, better still SHE felt incredible as did her little cast of dancers who all got it right this time!

A lesson learned is a lesson shared in my book so if fear of failure is holding you back from jumping into your fitness and health routine or you’re on the brink of ‘it’s not working’

be like my 6 year old this weekend and

Don’t Give Up!

Don’t be scared by making mistakes – learn from them and keep trying

Get your ‘cheer squad’ in place to encourage and motivate you and get out there and do it…

It may be hard today, and even harder tomorrow, but if you dig deep, you know you can do it,

And, I promise you, there WILL be SUNSHINE in the end.

To help you get going why not try some of the recipes from my meal plan below and find your centre with this speedy cardio core cruncher workout…

Have an awesome day

Melissa x

Healthy Menu

Healthy Menu

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