Fitness Fun for Kids

Morning all!

Seems I jinxed the weather by writing about rosé in the sunshine didn’t I?

…it poured down all afternoon where I live, although I had to chuckle when I heard my OH telling the children it was good for the garden
sounding very much like his mother although I wouldn’t dare mention that …

Still little lady L had fun – singing and dancing outside to Gene Kelly’s singing in the rain, I told you she loved her music & dancing.


Anyway, how did yesterdays food and fitness go for you?
I hope you got started.

Have you ever heard the saying, “a year from now you’ll wished you had started today”?

Well, if yesterday wasn’t your day, don’t worry just give it another go today…every little step counts.

Talking of steps, if you need extra motivation and you haven’t invested yet, grab yourself one of the popular fitness trackers out there…I’ve tried a few and have loved them all.

I currently wear an apple watch and love it, I’m pretty addicted to the stats and the colourful rings that appear the more and more I do…I especially like seeing how my activity time changes throughout the week, the calories it says I burn, my overall steps taken and the distance I cover in a day.

I think they’re a pretty cool way for making you move more and keep your life balanced…I must get my hubby one, he sits waayyyyy too much these days…

Having said that,

we do walk with the little L’s 4km to school & back every day which involves plenty of skipping, running jumping, hide and seek and that’s just Kevin…


Seriously the little ones enjoy being dragged to school…

I mean, walking to school everyday


according to recent studies it helps with their studies too,


Honestly, there was study done in the US that showed kids that exercised before school outperformed kids who didn’t and that just 30 mins of cardio activity markedly improved academic achievement…**

and guess how long a one way trip to school takes us…30 minutes


Actually, kids aged 6-18 should be getting a minimum of 60 minutes exercise & activity EVERY DAY.

So, to make up the other 30 minutes, we practiced a few footie drills after school yesterday, which turned into indoor “Balloon Tennis” when the rain started.

If you’ve not tried it…get blowing up your balloons today and join the fun!

All you need to do is keep the balloon from hitting the ground for as long as possible, taking it in turns to make the hit…great for yours and their fitness & agility.

I think we made it to 50 hits…

By the time my head hit the pillow last night my watch confirmed I had amassed a pretty admirable 20,123 k steps & a distance of 15km, 84 minutes of exercise, 17 hours standing & 508 calories burned

….pretty good seeing as the guideline for good health for us adults is to:
take 10,000 steps
30 mins moderate intense exercise
11 mins of vigorous activity
a combination of the above

each & every day…

The best kind of exercise or activity is the one you love as you’ll do it again and again so why not try a  little fitness disguised as fun with kids this weekend with these simple, Simon Says ideas:

Fitness Fun For KIDS

Then make sure you all nourish after all the fun with this super tasty snack for kids…tell ’em they are hulk crisps…makes all the difference


Have a great day

**Source: Spark, The Revolutionary Science of Exercise and the Brain, Dr. John Ratey

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