Happy Hump Day


My husband always laughs at me when I start this one

you see

I love a game of “what’s your favourite…”

It’s not really a game, in fact I didn’t realise I even did it
until a couple of years ago


he made a joke of me doing it in front of friends.

You see, I’m not the greatest conversationalist.

Despite the job I do, I’m actually quite shy and so when it comes to making conversation with people<
at some point in the proceedings it’s pretty inevitable that I’ll resort to a little ‘what’s your favourite..’

It can be anything:
Holiday destination…

you name it.

Terrible right?  I know, don’t invite me to your next dinner party!

So, tonight the kids and I had a little game of it, again by accident I just started it up

but it was fun,

I learned their favourite colours, numbers, music, films, film trailers…

which made me think about my absolute,
current favourite movie trailer
how it would make the puuuuurfect (there’s a pun there, you’ll see)

pick you up for this Hump Day…

So without further adieu, gather the kids around and take a look at this movie, due out this summer….

Oh and if part way through, you see a little of the ‘Chloe’s behaviour’ in you
you need a little help in the build up to the summer swimsuit season…

sign up to my next 28 day challenge, you’d be ‘barking’ mad not to 😉

Happy Hump day friends

I hope this makes you smile…



See you tomorrow

Melissa xx



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