Beginners Guide to Running 5k


“Every Pro was
Once an Amateur
Every Expert was
once a Beginner
SO dream Big
and start Now…”

Like that one?

Pretty apt after the London Marathon yesterday when the streets of our capital city were filled with amateur and pro runners…

Did you watch it?

It’s a very inspiring event isn’t it?

Every year it makes me want to up my running game, no more so than this year 🙂

What about you?

Did it make you want to lace up your runners and give it a little go?

Not run a marathon necessarily but just get up and get fitter…

I mean,
if you fancy giving 26.2 miles a go why the heck not…don’t let me stop you,

as the quote above says, everyone was once a beginner, you’ve just got to have the courage to start.

To run a marathon you need a certain human confidence though,
a trust in your mind & body
a  real belief and desire to achieve the mighty distance.

Whether your goals in this life are to run a marathon,
land your dream job or simply to feel fit & healthy,

having the confidence in yourself to not let obstacles get in your way
will propel you towards achieving your life goals.

Think big, believe in yourself and go for it.

Step outside of your comfort zone…do something more, the more you do the more you’ll feel like you are taking on the world!

Get your mind in gear.
That means NO negative talk
NO criticising yourself
NO excuses why you can’t

Be confident in yourself.

So, if you fancy giving running a go and you don’t know where to start

have a go at my 9 week beginners run to 5k programme, it’ll ease you in gently


Oh and before you head out of the door too fast,
you might want to have a quick watch of the latest #askMelissa video too:

Right…now you’re all set

Remember 2 things:

Consistency is key, so stick with it regularly
Your body will achieve what your mind believes…

Think you can do it and you will.

I’ll see you tomorrow,


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