Why it’s important to plan your weekly health eating & fitness

Well that’s it, another Easter holidays over and the children are back to school.
(for most of us…only one of mine went today, the other is still poorly )

What a cracker of a day today though…wasn’t the weather great?

sunshine is my favourite

I was working on and off whilst looking after my poorly patient and attending physio…

So, all that sunshine has got to have made you smile eh?  It did me.

Superb weather for outdoor fitness (at last)
gorgeous summery dinners…


& cake making…(she ate most of it before we could cook it…!)


Yes, it’s official, this delicious, quick, easy to make, Strawberry Yoghurt cake is a new, family favourite and at only 190kcals a slice, it can be part of your healthy balanced meal plans too…in fact it’s part of this Thursdays meal on my new 28 day Food & Fitness Challenge which I know you’re going to love.


The sun is out tomorrow too, apparently, so I’ve got my workout gear at the ready
for the morning too…
(I kinda graduated at my physio session today so I’m super excited about tomorrow’s workout…a new plan is about to be activated)

I can achieve anything when I’ve got a plan…

Can’t you?

A great little motto to live by by the way.

I use this mantra in all areas of my life, especially with my personal nutrition & fitness.

Every week I set myself up with a menu plan,a framework to follow for my main meals and snacks as well as a fitness plan

If I don’t have the plan it’s a lot easier to give in to tempting snacks and dilly dally about which workout I’m going to do, usually ending up doing nothing…

Plus, I hate shopping so planning ahead makes it quicker and easier, cheaper too.

Making healthier food choices and realising what good quality nutrients can do for you, will make you feel amazing, not to mention how great regular workouts make you feel.

So, start thinking about your health and fitness in advance and start planning.  If you need some help getting started, check out my 28 day Challenge page – it’s my way of helping get you started on your own health and wellness plan.


Now for sleep, another thing I plan… gotta get those 8 hours

See you tomorrow for more  fun in the sun!



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