The Secrets of a Fit Mum


Talk about squeezing everything into 24 hours…

It’s school Easter holidays still, so my fitness regime at the moment is that well known workout called the ‘mummy juggle’

Not familiar with that one?

Well it varies from place to place, but my version of the workout today involved running out to work at 6am while the children were asleep, then running home & making breakfast. Popping to the swimming pool for fun with the children then popping home again and playing ‘let’s write stories’ while I sneakily nipped on my laptop to quickly write a few training programmes, then running out to work again for a few hours (3 clients and a post natal chat to a group of 18 new mums ) before returning to play, cook, bath, read stories and sleep…phew.

But that’s not all…

Now it’s time for my dinner, more work, bit of exercise for me and then bed…phew,phew,phew.

Days aren’t always this crackers, but I kinda like it like it when they are.

I’m not moaning about it.  I love having the children around, in fact I miss them when they are at school, but school days are just as bonkers.

It’s my choice though, in fact I’ve engineered it all this way.  Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I get work and mum life confused and get the kids doing burpees (which by the way my son finds hilarious, you can imagine which sort of burpee he does and it’s not the exercise kind!) and get my clients practicing their phonics

But that’s how I like it.

You see, I want it all, so I mould my work and my ‘me’ time (yeah, I hear you laughing, it’s true – that doesn’t factor often) around the children and their schedules.  I’m lucky as I work for myself so it’s maybe a little easier to manipulate – but it doesn’t make the days any shorter or less hectic!

Despite the madness of our worlds, and I know some of you have dashed home from work tonight, kissed your babies goodnight and are now working again too, we make it work don’t we?

You see no matter how frantic life gets, and it does from time to time, you gotta live it.

One of my absolute favourite quotes is:


And it’s so true.  In fact I tell myself this most mornings…it kinda spurs me into making the most of a day and doing stuff I really want to do…try it, I guarantee you’ll do more of the fun stuff and less of the mundane s*&t.

Go on test yourself.
See what you can pack into the next 24 hours and let me know what fun you have.

Oh! and if you’re at all nosy, like me, and want in on a few secrets of the life of this Fit Mum…head over to SNAPCHAT

You can find me at MelissaFit4mum and you can see what I get up to in a day…be quick though the stories only last 24 hours and then they disappear.

Snap what…? yeah, I hear ya…that’s what I said a few weeks ago, but give it a go, it’s fun.  Just follow others and be nosey, you don’t have to put yourself out there & I guarantee your children will love the geofilters!


Happy Snapping Folks

I’ll see you tomorrow



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