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So we had a little cinema date today, took the little L’s to see the new Disney pic Zootropolis…

I loved it, found it very funny and in a cute way, quite inspirational.

There’s this little bunny who since being a kit – yes that’s what you call a baby bunny… and I didn’t even have to look that one up 😉

wanted to be a police officer, I know, I know bear with me (no pun intended)

So when she grows up she goes to the training academy but gets knocked down at every hurdle & fails every test…but does she give up?

Nooooooo… of course not, this is Disney we’re talking about.

This little bunny works even harder & smarter than the rest, up all night swotting and doing extra press ups, you get the picture…

Until finally she makes it through, jumps the highest walls, runs the fastest mile and even knocks out a rhino in a boxing contest 😉

Graduates top of her class and lives her dream of becoming a police officer…yay happy ending…

But that’s just the start.  She soon finds her new job is not really living up to her dream…there’s no crime fighting she just ends up writing parking tickets.

She’s not quite achieved her goal, so does she stick with what she’s got and wallow in the misery and feel sorry for herself?

Noooooo…of course not, this is Disney we’re talking about.

So, to cut a long story short and not ruin the movie for you too much, she makes it her mission to do the job she dreamed of and solve a big crime, on her own (well, with the help of a little fox who’s a bit of a scammer not a police-fox)

does she do it?

I won’t ruin it for you, but despite a few people getting in her way,  you can rest assured she works hard day and night trying to solve the crime and live her dream of being a ‘real’ police officer…

Remember it is Disney…

There were a few motivational quotes to be ‘pinched’ from the story, but more than that it made me think about life on the health and fitness roller coaster.

We set our sights on a goal of health, wellness & weight loss because we think life will be different, better, happier, when we get there.
S0 we set about a plan to achieve the goals and roll up our sleeves and get stuck into it.
Eating less, eating well.
Exercising more, exercising hard.

We go through tough motivational times, not to mention muscle soreness, hunger, tiredness & difficult routines but we keep going with our goals in sight, working hard everyday to succeed as we know it will be worth it.

Then we get there…yippeee we feel great!

Then what?  ‘things get in our way’ – life gets in our way.  Birthdays, Christmas, holidays

“oh I’ll start again Monday” is sometimes said…

Do we give up on our healthy lifestyle? No we find ways to always succeed and live the life we want, just like the bunny.

You see, that goal you have can be maintained and still live your life on your terms.  We don’t need, nor should we hop on and off (again, pun not intended!) diet and fitness programmes.

Consistency is key.  You can always find a way to make the best of any situation.

Just remember your goals and why you do what you do.  Make it your life.  Your lifestyle.  We can handle holidays, Christmas, birthdays and still maintain our healthy lifestyle.

So when you think things get in the way of your hard work to stay fit and well, ask yourself whether you are using it as an excuse and then make like the Bunny and find a way around it to achieve your goal.

Remember as Disney once said


If you want a little ‘at home’ super cardio, full body, HIIT workout to help you reach your goals try this one I created yesterday…it’ll make your booty burn 🙂


I’ll see you tomorrow







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