If you’re stuck indoors and can’t get out to do your normal cardio workout, you’re going to love to hate this Super Cardio, Total Body HIIT workout!

HIIT workouts are popular and a favourite of mine because they are quick, incredibly effective, need no equipment and can be done at home or while on holiday… no excuses not to workout!  They elevate the heart rate in a short amount of time and as the rest during a HIIT workout is minimal, they are always a challenge.

This HIIT workout works your heart, lungs but it’s also a great toner to work ALL of your muscles too!

This workout has 8 rounds – some of which have an ‘each side’ element, remember to have 30 seconds rest between ewach 30 seconds of work, even if it’s an ‘each side’ section.  Work as fast as you can with good form and work hard for the 30 seconds, then rest and drink water in your 30 seconds rest time.

The added beauty of this workout is that you need no equipment!