Who Inspires Me?

I just love being by a beach
this weekend I managed three days at my Mum’s coastal retreat…


We walked, climbed & hiked, ate delicious food and enjoyed catching up with our family and great friends. My Mum has recently had her house renovated so it was a real treat to see it in it’s full glory and see my Mums hard work in the flesh.

Yes, it’s hard to believe my mum will be 70 this year…

She’s brilliant my Mum.

Wouldn’t ‘get a man in’ to decorate, oh no, she’s up the ladders painting it all herself, hanging pictures, digging the new garden, painting the fencing you name it, she does it…

Oh and in between all of that she has a little 30 minute ‘workout‘ on her cross trainer AND plays 18 holes of golf once or twice a week.

Yes, although she hates me using the word,

She is one of life’s doers, she works hard and gets stuff done.

She’ll never give up or give in she just ‘gets on with it’

I’m often asked how I stay inspired and motivated to keep myself fit and eat well as well as helping others grow in the their health and fitness pursuits and I’m sure you can guess my answer.

My Mum has always been a huge influence on my life and my biggest supporter both in my work and with my own little family.  She encourages me in everything I do…but more than that she has taught me to follow my dreams and work hard to make things happen.

I mean, 70 years old…nah she’s more like a 40 year old.

She’s the perfect example of the saying ‘anything is possible’.  Nothing need stop you, no matter what your age or fitness level.  If you believe you can do it, want it badly enough and are willing to put in the hard work to make it happen, you can do anything.

My mum didn’t always do the decorating when I was growing up… probably wasn’t sure whether she could or not, but a few years back she decided to try… and you should see her house now.

Whatever it is you want to achieve in your own life be inspired to just give it a go, don’t hold back get out there and do it.

Who knows, you could inspire someone else to do the same.


I’ll see you tomorrow



PS thanks Mum xx










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