I did something today I’ve been wanting to do for ages. I haven’t done it before now because
of a little fear. You know, that little voice you get
that whispers in your ear saying “ooohhh no, I wouldn’t do that”.

Well historically that voice, has held me back with this ‘thing’. It’s no biggy, to most of you I’d imagine, but I made it a big deal for me as such have been putting it off for ages, thinking I can’t do it, what if… and then I’d tell myself a million stories as to why I couldn’t do it, even heard myself making excuses to others ‘it’s hard for me, I can’t do it by myself’.

But today I did it. I took my children swimming… See! I told you you’d think it was no big deal. “Pah”
I hear you shout “I do that all the time.”

Well… I’ve not been brave enough to take my twins swimming on my own ever before. Sure, I’ve tried them at swimming lessons but the teacher kindly always took one of them.

When they were tiny, good ‘ol nanma used to help me (my mum) And when my mum couldn’t make it once,
instead of skipping their lesson, my friend Nel was kind enough to come and help bless her (remember that Nel?) they loved it too.

But today I did it by myself. Something I’ve wanted to do for a long time.
I know, I know they are 4 years old maybe they should know how to swim already? or I should have been able to do this long ago?

I expect some of you take far more than 2 children swimming at a time, but this was a big deal to me. why? I’m not sure really, lack of trust in myself maybe? But you know what? I’m not going to waste anymore time or energy wondering why, as it doesn’t matter.

What matters is that today I did trust myself and changed my attitude to WHATEVER HAPPENS TO ME, GIVEN ANY SITUATION, I CAN HANDLE IT!

So today I faced that fear.

And you know what?

We survived, had fun even, it was great.

We may even venture there again!

For some of us health, fitness and wellness creates a similar fear.

We desperately want to exercise daily, eat healthy, nourishing foods and be a healthy weight but
there’s a voice in our head telling us stories as to why we can’t do it.

“Just have one more chocolate bar and start on Monday, it won’t matter” says the voice.

But it does matter,

because we’re still not doing what we really want to do or being who we really want to be.

Nike nailed it years ago with their slogan

So go on…

Be brave and just do it,

whatever it is,
and do it now.


The quality of your life depends only on you.

What would you try if you had no fear?

I’ll see you tomorrow


Todays Healthy Menu

2 Mugs of hot water and slices of lemon

Breakfast – 1 Boiled Egg and Wholegrain Toast and butter

Snack – Latte

Lunch – Houmous and Avocado Pitta

Snack – Grapes & Almonds

Dinner – Chipotle Chicken with Quick Pickled Cabbage served with cubed potatoes, roasted asparagus and crispy kale.

8 x 8oz glasses water

Thursdays HIIT & Strength Workout

5 Min Warm up cycle

15 minutes HIIT
30 seconds fast sprint
30 seconds slow pedal
5 mins cool down

20 press ups
20 squats
20 shoulder presses
20 lunges (each leg)
20 plank row
20 Step ups
20 supermans
25 crunches
20 wood chops (each side)
60 side plank (each side)