Five Friday Favourites

Busy day today…

But yay, it’s Friday 🙂

I’m so late with my message today that the weekend is here already…


Mine has started in the shade of pink!

Yes, yes….pink fizz is a favourite of mine and I’ve been looking forward to it all week!

Enjoy your weekends folks, but before I go here are a few favourites for the week…

Finishing my healthy week with a glass of pink champagne

James Corden & One Direction Play Dodgeball

My hubby played this to me via You Tube last night, it made me really giggle so I thought I’d send it your way.
Click the picture to watch.


next up…

Super Healthy & Delicious Kale Crisps

Someone told me about these a year ago but I only just made them this week.

I had a friend to dinner this evening with her 4 year old son and we told the children they were “Hulk Superhero Crisps”

They went down well, both the parents and children loved them.

Recipe is here

Exercise of the week – Reverse Lunge & Rear Delt Squeeze

Reverse Lunge with Rear Delt Squeeze.

Great for posture in both your upper and lower core.

As you step back, take your arms out to the side and pull out on the Dyna Band by squeezing the back of your shoulder and shoulder blades together.

Be sure to keep your shoulders over your hips and pelvis in neutral to get a good hip flexor stretch at the same time.

Repeat 12-20 on each leg

how to do a reverse lunge

Greek Yoghurt & Berry Smoothie Pops

Same friend I had for dinner this evening reminded me of this great recipe I haven’t made for ages, but will this weekend!
Super simple and the children love it too.

1/2 cup greek yoghurt
1/2 cup milk
1 cup frozen berries.

Blend until smooth, pour into plastic or paper cups freeze until almost firm insert lolly stick (or we used mini wooden spoons!) freeze again until solid gently tear off cup

enjoy  (makes about 5 pops)

Quote of the Week

A great quote to take us into the weekend 🙂

Have a super weekend

It’s the final Saturday morning Run Fit Circuits Class, before half term tomorrow in Cobham at 8am.
There is no better way to start your weekend  than a sweaty workout with friends.

See you there.

Todays Healthy Menu

Breakfast - Porridge Oats with Frozen Mixed Berries, raisins, Crunchy breakfast topper & Greek Yoghurt

Porridge-Oats-Frozen-Berries-raisins-Crunchy-breakfast-topper-Greek-YoghurtPorridge Oats served uncooked with raisins, frozen mixed berries, crunchy breakfast topper with nuts and dried fruit and greek yoghurt

Snack - Vanilla Latte (nespresso) & Apple

latteP1040523Homemade Vanilla latte (nespresso) with a small apple sliced and served with a teapsoon of peanut butter

Dinner - Salmon on a bed of spinach with garlic and lemon zest, served with Crispy Kale & Roasted Asparagus and mini roasties


Fridays Steady & Sweaty Workout

5 minute warm up

1 minute on each exercise below

step ups (use stairs)
mountain climbers
fast feet
front punches
butt kicks
high knee jog ( or march)
step ups  (use stairs)
side to side low skips

repeat again for a 20 minute workout 3 times for 30 mins!

walk to cool down for 2 mins then stretch