Yep…one of the best opening theme songs of all time I reckon!  I loved watching ‘Friends’, to me it had everything, it was trendsetting, (remember ‘The Rachel?), dramatic, romantic (how you doin’?), there was love and sometimes tears, but the gang always stuck together and showed us all what true friendship is made of.

Lately I’ve been thinking about all of the friends in my life, the girls and guys that brighten my day, my besties, the people who make me happy.  There is an acronym that floats around the social media channels these days, you may have seen it YOLO.  It means


So embrace your life, and the people in it.

Think of the people who motivate you, inspire you, make you laugh & surround yourself with them.  Those you want to spend time with, that make you feel great, that make you feel so great, your heart could burst sometimes.  The ones who give their honest opinion when choosing an outfit, the ones you can be honest with, the one who gives you a hug when you just can’t see the wood for the trees.

There aren’t many things we really NEED in life, but a few good BFF’s that you can call family, give your life a little sparkle.

Powerful friendships have been created in the media for years now, think Thelma and Louise, the Friends Cast & what girl wouldn’t want to be part of the Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte & Samantha sisterhood?!


These iconic women represent the true beauty of friendship – an unshakable bond that you can carry with you forever.

The Fit 4 Mum #fitnessfriendshipsfun motto represents the sisterhood we have discovered through Fitness.  Every day women gather for fitness & fun, but it’s not just any workout….these are magic workouts.  Workouts where true friendships have been born and nurtured and grown into powerful, motivational, encouraging bonds & for that I am very grateful.

Fit 4 Mum girls help me get that little bit MORE out of life, they help me make the very best version of myself & I hope in return we inspire them to make the best of their lives too.

So be thankful for the people that make life a little brighter for you each and every day & go now and send them a message and let them know how much you love them.

They are probably feeling the same way 🙂


ps..I love you Mum

x x