Fitness Success, Consistency and a No Equipment Workout


How was your weekend?

We had a really fun, busy weekend…more on that tomorrow first some fitness inspiration…

Did I mention that I’ve been working with a group of girls doing online fitness for a while?

It all started when I couldn’t get out to teach classes as I had an operation which meant I couldn’t drive.

I created little month by month workout plans that can be accessed via an app.

That was over a year ago now,

since then the ‘virtual’ system has gained popularity and, honestly, in my 24 years experience of training people, hand on heart, this system has shown the best results I’ve ever seen as people work out everyday for 30 minutes.

This weekend was the end of a the June challenge, and it was brilliant.

Some of the girls involved started from base, I mean they’d dipped their toe in the exercise pool a few times but never jumped in and kept swimming… if you know what I mean!

Not now.  They’re crushing it.

They’re working out daily, eating well every day and some have built themselves up to running 5k, some even more.

I know, I know exercising on a regular basis and running 5 or 10k is nothing to some of you,

but you see, sometimes it’s not about doing EXTRAORDINARY things in life, it’s about doing ordinary things in an EXTRAORDINARY WAY that counts.

I mean, these women hold down BUSY full time jobs, they travel A LOT, parent multiple children, organise multiple children, keep up a home AND previously found it hard to get out and ‘do’ the programmed exercise classes available.

Not now.

They can workout wherever they are – there’s no barrier to it & they have something to do EVERY DAY.

Out of the 30 days in June, everyone worked out on at least 22 of these days

I mean we get check ins from 5am to 11pm at night – these guys are setting alarms super early to fit workouts in and instead of lazing on the sofa in front of netflix at night, they’re moving their bodies & working out – maybe in front of netflix still but who cares…it’s better than sitting doing nothing.

They worked hard all month to do something they didn’t think they had time for before, many have been doing this now for a year and the results reflect the dedication.

I think if you ask them, they’ll tell you they’re pretty glad they made the time to do it each day, they feel stronger, they sleep better, they eat better, they are more positive and they now run their days instead of their days running them.

If you just believe anything is possible….
it just might be…

Now it’s your turn, go & get moving…& be consistent that’s the magic key right there…no fancy fitness gadget just plain and simple consistency.

There is a sample workout below from last months challenge if you want to give it a go!


60 second workout

Have  great day and remember…
Why be the same when you can be better?

Melissa x

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