HIIT is a cardiovascular training technique that alternates short work and recovery intervals to help to increase the overall intensity of your workout.  It is a great way to reach your goals, be they weight loss, enhanced fitness & well being, faster run times, you name it, HIIT can work for you assuming you have eased yourself back into fitness after a time off or having had a baby.

Often we work the cardiovascular system in a steady ‘aerobic’ moderate intensity style workout such as walking, running, cycling.  High intensity interval training is usually programmed for a higher exertion level but for a far shorter time period i.e. 20-30 seconds up to 3 minutes, with recovery intervals of equal to or longer than your work intervals.  HIIT style workouts should be performed at 80-95% of your maximal aerobic capacity.

By pushing your body that little bit harder during the work intervals in HIIT style training you will receive several, great benefits such as significantly increased aerobic and anaerobic fitness, decreased insulin sensitivity, reduced abdominal and subcutaneous fat (the fat you can see just under the skin!).

HIIT workouts involve only a small total amount of exercise and by including them in your workout plan most people achieve great results in a short space of time – good news for us busy mums!

As HIIT training is a workout of a higher intensity, it is imperative that participants check with their GP before embarking on a programme of this kind, ALWAYS complete a screening form with your instructor before starting and if you are a post natal mum, you should have eased yourself back into some basic aerobic and functional training, specifically core correction before embarking on this next stage of training.

Want to have a go at a HIIT workout of your own?  Just jump on your bike or pull on your trainers and after a 5 minute warm up, have a go at a few intervals alternating 1 min hard work and 2 mins recovery.  3-4 sets are fine to begin with, finish with a cool down and stretch.

The way a HIIT workout is designed can vary, there is no one right way to do it, you just have to practice and change things every now and then. Just remember to give yourself enough rest time during the workout.  Perform this HIIT style of workout two to three times a week.

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