Phew….only back from holiday a couple of hours and we were straight back into it!

Bags unpacked, clothes in the wash and children’s beds being changed from cots to little beds….so cute I love it 🙂  I’ve always loved settling the Little L’s to bed at night, but now I can actually get in and snuggle up with them it’s even sweeter!  So far so good, fingers crossed, touch wood and all that, they’ve stayed put all night (hope I’m not jinxing it!).

IMG_3932Pirate Bed

IMG_3931Fairy Princess Bed

Then out to work for a good run which I had missed.  Although I did my strength routines on holiday I didn’t run so it was nice to be back to see the girls at Run Club and run again….except that it absolutely chucked it down!!!  We got drenched.


Since then we’ve had fathers day and a TOWIE themed party to attend, all great fun


IMG_0710Father’s Day

My workouts last weekend were centered around World Cup Watching (Cycling & watching on my turbo trainer!), weeding, digging, raking & wheelbarrow rides around the garden, it was hot work and I’m pretty sure it was a brilliant strength & cardio session on Sunday!

IMG_2567 IMG_3131

Catching up to this week then, it’s been two 12 hour days so far for me, so today is the first day I can catch you up on it all.  My workouts have had to be incorporated into my working day with my clients, which I don’t usually tend to do but I joined in with a few sets in my small group fitness classes this week with the legs and arms circuits and then yesterday went for a fabulous bike ride in Bushy Park with one of my lovely clients who lives right on the edge of it (lucky her, it’s beautiful).  We had fun doing fast and slow intervals around the park for 60 minutes.

It’s been a yummy food day today with oats for breakfast, homemade chicken and veg soup for lunch, snack of strawberries, raspberries, kids leftovers and  a little sushi and a couple of sneaky choccie biccies (only 142 Kcals for two!)

IMG_3156Oats with Greek Yoghurt, Raisins, Mango & Pineapple Innocent Fruit Tube (kids one!) & a sprinkling of Flaked Almonds

IMG_0713Homemade Chicken Vegetable Soup

IMG_0714Strawberries & Raspberry Snack

IMG_3159Little L’s leftover Salmon, Rice & Peas! (quick snack for me)

When I get back from Run Fit tonight, Dinner looks and sounds like a delight, Spiced Cod with Quinoa Salad and Mint Chutney….I’ll add here tomorrow along with my workout for the day!

Have a great evening 🙂