My Top Five Friday Favourites

Phew, how much of a scorcher was that yesterday…I hope you drank lots of lovely fruit infused water to keep yourselves well hydrated and cool?

I know it means more toilet stops, but it’s worth it, you’ll thank me when you’re feeling more energized and the wrinkles start to disappear….
she writes, keeping fingers firmly crossed

BTW…you know that you can tell how hydrated you are by the colour of your wee don’t you?  A paler colour = better hydration.

Anyway…less wee and more wee – kend…

Thanks for kicking off your weekend here with me, I love having you here. What plans do you have?

It seems summer is officially here which means all I want to do is head to the beach…

We’re staying local this weekend though as my little lady is performing (more dance) at our village flower show / fete with her school…should be fun  – fingers crossed the weather stays bright and not too hot.

Before we dive into the weekend fun & festivities,  I wanted to share a round up of things that made me smile this week…I’d love for you to join in the fun too and let me know what’s been making you happy this week, so let me know in the comments section below…

First up for me…



Earlier in the year I decided it would be our mission to start growing our own veg at home.  We haven’t managed to get further than the kids broad beans yet, but it’s still on the agenda.  In the meantime we popped to the local pick your own vegetable and fruit farm and bagged this delicious lot of veg this week.  Broad beans, carrots and beetroot.  Check out the dinner I made last night with the beetroot…it’s delicious.


Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at 22.30.32
OK, so I love the name for obvious reasons to those who know me personally, but you have to check out this Instagram account.  It’s so cute…and the fitness wear is gorgeous too.  They make outfits for Yogis but also for Mums and their little fitness proteges…so completely perfect for me and my little workout buddy!  Based out of Thailand, another country close to my heart…go check it out, I think you’ll like it.  I must place an order soon…


It is Friday after all!
My lovely mum bought me this yummy organic Prosecco this week which, for blog purposes only of course, I had a small sample of earlier in the week and it’s pretty good.  I’m not a massive Prosecco fan usually but this was definitely worth a mention…It’s Pianeta Organico Prosecco Extra Dry – a pristine, fruity organic Prosecco from vineyards north of Venice.  She bought it in ALDI for just £7.99 a bottle.


Have you been picking these up lately? If not you should.  They’ve really stepped up.  They include great ‘light’ recipe ideas for snacks, dinners, lunches – they’re great for recipe inspiration AND they calorie count & provide nutrition information for everything too.  Check out these delicious fruit ice lolly recipes in the latest …wait for it…Asda magazine.  I’m not a frequent Asda shopper ,I’ll be honest, but I popped in for a kids birthday pressie this week and truth be told, this magazine & recipe isn’t half bad….


300g Strawberries cut in half
200ml Milk
1/2 tsp Vanilla Extract
8 portion round lolly mould and 8 lolly sticks

Place ingredients into a blender (except mould and sticks!), sieve ingredients and pour into moulds.  Freeze for 1 hour.  Remove from freezer and push sticks into each lolly, put back in freezer overnight.  To serve dip moulds into warm water briefly to release.  Enjoy


How about this…


A random note to my little people all the way from the USA from my brother and his family…

If you can’t read it it says, “It is finally becoming summer-like here and the kids have been out for ice cream a lot!  We always think of you two and wanted to send you some money to treat yourself to an ice cream”… how lovely is that?  They sent them £10 each…I’m not sure how expensive ice cream is in the USA but….it was very, very kind and thoughtful.

How about you top off your week with some cheer by:
Complimenting someone
Smiling at someone
Giving someone a hug
Baking cookies to share
Saying hello
Giving an Unexpected gift
Letting another go first
Cheering up a friend

Or one of my favourites…letting someone out of a busy junction when you know they’ve been waiting ages!

Have a super active weekend
I’ll see you Monday

Salmon, Spicy Chorizo with Lentils & Beetroot

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