Know Your Numbers…

Because I’m 40 this year
does that mean I’m middle aged?

Oh gosh…

Does that also mean I need to be
thinking about my
“middle-age spread”?!

Don’t laugh,
I can hear you
you don’t need to worry
I hear you scoff…

But you know what?
It could still happen if I take my foot
off the gas.

Don’t worry,
I’m not going to,
I’m more determined than ever
to stay fit and well
in fact,
I think I’m fitter than I was when I
was 20.
Oh wait…I was until my ‘little boot friend’
came along
but that’ll be off soon
(power of positive thought)
I will be ‘fit’ again!

back to
“the spread”
if you’re similar age to me
watch out
because it’s true.
As we go through our
“middle years”
the proportion of fat to body weight
more so in women than men
and those extra pounds tend to sit themselves
right on our abdomen,

But you know
these little rolls of fat that creep on
to our tummies
are not just annoying
they’re actually a tad dangerous


Increases our risk of Type II diabetes,
blood pressure
blood cholesterol
amongst other things.

I’m not saying we all need to achieve
six pack abs
if the
there are a few simple ways we can
trim it down
reduce these health risks and still feel great
in our

So how do we know if our middle’s
creeping beyond

measure it
at your
belly button
(don’t pull the tape too tight – be honest with yourself!)

check your risk…
Girls if it’s more than 88cm
take action.
(You want it less than 70 cm for very low risk
& between 70-80cm for low risk)
Guys more than 100cm is high risk.

make a plan.
If you have the dreaded
and it’s risky,
it’s time to make some adjustments to your
diet and fitness routine.

Small changes can make big differences.
You have to start somewhere.
Be consistent.

you don’t have to be great to start
you just have to start to be great.

So get moving more,
stand up more,
pace a bit!

Join a fun fitness class 😉
get a personal trainer
even just start by getting
like me and wearing a lifestyle band.
Definitely helps you move more.

Choose any of the above
they all set you on your way to better health.

I gotta tell you though…
Exercise alone doesn’t cut it
Someone once told me
“abs are made in the kitchen”
and it’s true.

So you need to look at
what goes into your body too.

Reducing calories is an essential element to weight loss
if I’m honest with you,
most people eat more than they think.

Keep a diary for two or three days
just for you
and see
& more importantly
how much
you really consume.

It’s a valuable step in the process
one not to be missed.

If you don’t know where you are currently
how can you make a plan to change?

write it down
look at it
change it.

Often it can be as simple as
swapping full fat milk to semi skimmed
high kcal granola to homemade lower kcal version.

If you don’t have a tape measure,
use string and a ruler.

Write your food down in notes on your phone
(I know you always have them with you)

and if you want to join in with
some more fun
exercise with friends…

email me 😉

See you tomorrow


Todays Healthy Menu

2 Mugs of hot water and slices of lemon

Breakfast – Porridge with an apple 1 vanilla latte

Snack – Greek Yoghurt with sprinkle of homemade granola and 4 raspberries

Lunch – Steamed Cauliflower with a sprinkling of cheddar cheese

Snack – Hot water and lemon 10 almonds and 4 raspberries

Dinner – 2 x Beef Tacos (soft Shell) served with avocado, rocket, tomato, greek yoghurt.

8 x 8oz glasses water

Tuesdays HIIT Workout

WARM UP – 4-5 mins full body loosen up exercises
Choose a cardio exercise of your choice be it a ‘move’ or equipment
mountain climbers
squat thrusts
fast stepping

do your exercise as hard and fast as you can for 30 seconds
rest for 30 seconds
repeat for 10 minutes

cool down and stretch.