I knew I would get my husband to
like the Spiralizer!

so it’s not quite the courgetti
that I’d hope for,
but give me time…

Instead we made
curly fries!


And they were yummy.
They were really crunchy
and actually really tasty.
The best bit though…
despite it looking like we had masses on our plates
we actually ate less.

You see,
when we make homemade chips
we use 3 potatoes between us,
but when you start
3 potatoes,
it never stops!
So we used just 2 medium potatoes
1 tbsp ground nut oil
cooked for 40 mins at 220

just when
I thought I couldn’t love my spiralizer
I watched the little L’s eat
ribbons of
butternut squash
(which when cubed last week they tried and rejected)
mixed in with their pasta
they loved it.

So if I haven’t sold you already on
as a way of incorporating more vegetables
into your diet

how about a little

I know, I know
I won’t get too deep
especially at this time of night
I promise,
but in return,
do me a favour
and after reading this
have a look at your diet
and just double check…
Are you
and your family
getting enough fruit and veg

We all know we should be getting plenty of
vitamins and minerals
into our diet
but do we achieve it?
Could we do better?

Vitamins and minerals
help the body work properly
prevent illness.
Vitamins support the immune system
help the brain function properly
aid the conversion of food into energy.
They also play a vital role in
hormone balance
healthy skin and hair.

Minerals help bone strength,
fluid balance
and muscle contraction.

Did you know that your body
cannot store
B & C?

And because of this
you need to ensure you get
them from your diet on a daily basis?
(B= wholemeal bread, cereals, pulses, meat, milk, dairy products, eggs, nuts,
C= fruit and veg, blackcurrants, kiwi, oranges, peppers, broccoli, cabbage, tomatoes, potatoes)

It’s not just about getting enough
fruit and veg either…
I know!

We need to ensure we receive
an adequate amount of the vitamins
contained in fruit and veg too
here’s a few of my tips…

Aim to
buy locally grown produce
from farm shops
and farmers markets
and whenever possible
buy British.

Imported produce is usually harvested
(so it won’t have developed its full
vitamin quota)
it loses a lot of its nutritional value
on the
way to the supermarket shelf.

Frozen fruit and veg
are a great alternative when fresh in unavailable
as they tend to retain
a similar nutritional value to fresh.

Don’t over cook your veg.
Cook briefly in fast boiling water
until tender and crisp
not mushy and soft!

Oh and save the water from steaming or boiling to
use in soups, socks and sauces.

science bit done.

Farmers Markets locally,
If I’m right
(please double check these!)

Saturday in Cobham
9.30am-1.30pm Leg O’Mutton Field

Thursday 21st  9 – 2pm. Town Square, Woking
(there will also be one on Saturday 30th May)

There is also a new covered
market in Woking town centre
with a greengrocer with fresh British produce
and a great butcher and fishmonger too…

And if you fancy the Spiralizer
to make it all way more fun
I bought mine here…


everytime you eat is an opportunity
to nourish your body

Have a good night


Todays Healthy Menu

2 Mugs of hot water and slices of lemon

Breakfast – 2 crumpets with Butter and Marmite

Snack – 1 Nut Butter Ball & Vanilla Latte

Lunch – Half a Wholegrain roll with Avocado, Feta Cheese, Cucumber & Tomato

Snack – Hot water and lemon,
strawberries, apple and greek yoghurt

Dinner – Stir Fried Broccoli, Cauliflower, Carrots & Butternut Squash with chorizo slices served with macaroni and aubergine pesto

8 x 8oz glasses water

Mondays HIIT Workout


4-5 mins full body loosen up exercises

Run or step or cycle or perform mountain climbers for 20 seconds and rest for 10 seconds until 4 minute timer goes off

Basic squat 30 secs
Squat Pulse 30 secs
Plie Squat 60 secs
Basic Squat 60 seconds
Squat Pulse 30 secs
Plie Squat Pulse 30 secs

(30 secs each ex and repeat twice)
Mountain climbers
Butt Kicks
Overhead Punches

Basic press up 30 secs
Slow Press ups 30 secs
Chest Press with Glute Bridge 30 secs
Pulse Glute Bridge and Chest pulses 30 secs
Hold Glute bridge and pulse arms across each other 30 Basic press ups 30 secs
Basic press up and twist x 30 secs


4 mins
Run or step or cycle or perform mountain climbers for 20 seconds and rest for 10 seconds until 4 minute timer goes off

Wide grip bent over row slow 60 secs
Wide grip bent over row normal time 60 secs
Upright Row slow 30 secs
Upright Row normal time 30 secs
Hip Hinge Narrow Row combination 60 secs

(30 secs each ex and repeat twice)
Mountain climbers
Butt Kicks
Overhead Punches

Static right leg lunge x 30 secs
Pulse above 30 secs
Repeat above 2 on other leg
Jump squat every other squat x 30 secs
Jump squat every time 30 secs
Alternating forward lunge x 60 secs

Plank with opposite arm & leg reach (birdog for beginners) 30 secs
Side plank poppers 30 secs
Plank hold 30 secs
Side plank poppers 30 secs
Repeat all of the above once more

Basic crunch x 30 secs
Basic crunch with legs raised x 30 secs
Reverse crunch x 30 secs
Crunch knees to elbows straight legs x 30 secs
Repeat all of the above once more
Stretch and cool down