Questions to ask yourself to make healthy changes last

Sunday nights are movie nights for us.
I love all sorts of movies, I don’t have a specific genre I watch, although I do love a bit of a true story and a little old style Hollywood glamour, glitz & jazz hands every so often!

I also love a celeb or two, I used to be addicted to buying magazines, now I just waste time looking at Instagram for my dose of celebrity glamour.
You even get the glam squads with their own profiles showing who’s make up they’ve done or the hair they’ve tousled for one A lister or another.

I mean…no wonder these actors and actresses look stunning…
If we had a team of people do our hair, nails, make up & clothes styling every day I think we’d all look blooming amazing wouldn’t we?

So, last nights movie – it was  a true story about Deepwater Horizon. The oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico that exploded and then burst into flames back in 2010.  It was the worst oil disaster in US history.

Mark Walberg played the main character and by the clips & voice of the real man at the end, he did a pretty good job of becoming him.

In any true story, I guess these actors have to really become their characters and make it real.

It reminds me of what I encourage people to do daily

A lot of people I meet want to become something else…

And the way I see it, in order to get what they want they need to think like an actor

You see, like the people I chat to about health and fitness, actors know what they have to do to play a part…learn their lines, get into character etc.

But in order to do a character justice,  be critically acclaimed & make it come to life, it’s not just about them knowing what they have to do it’s about the person they have to BECOME

You see, it’s the same when you want to get fit & eat healthily

You all know what you have to do, but the knowing is not enough…

You have to watch everything that person does and BECOME THAT person
You have to BE just like them

Ask yourself…

What does that fit, healthy person look like that you want to be?
What does she do?
What are her daily rituals?
What are her daily routines?
What does she eat?
When does she eat?
What exercise does she do?
How often?
How hard?

Then ask yourself…

Can I get these things in my life and really do it?

Can I BECOME  that person who lives that lifestyle?

The answer is

And if your goal, like mine, is to live a fit, healthy life, to run, skip, hop, jump & play with my kids for as long as long is long, then commit now to a balanced life of fun fitness & eating clean, healthy food EVERY DAY

Not just every MONDAY

You can’t expect to get results if you are not committed to it LONG TERM

Master the lifestyle & get committed to being that person.

Step away from the processed foods & think…what would happen if you just said enough is enough

Make that change NOW.

And one more thing…

Surround yourself with people that reflect who you want to be & how you want to feel…

Energies are contagious!

You won’t regret it

Right, I’m off to jump on my bike for a little Monday Night Cardio followed by this quick Butt Workout…!

I’ll see you tomorrow for some fun stuff to do with the kids this summer.


Mug of hot water and slice of lemon

Breakfast – Porridge with berries and raisins and nuts


Snack – Banana

Lunch – Rice Salad with Feta Cheese, Olives, Cucumber, Tomatoes, Red Pepper, Spring Onions, Topped with Crispy Kale.

Snack – Handful Raisins and Almonds

Dinner – Cod Wrapped in Pancetta served with Crispy Kale, Steamed Asparagus & cubed low fat Roast Potatoes.


8 x 8oz glasses of water

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