There are always days when we don’t feel like working out or times like the school holidays when it’s hard to find the time with the kids in tow.  You know you’ll feel better if you manage to squeeze something in and getting outside to do it in the fresh air brings with it no end of benefits too.

Fresh air, sunshine and endorphins are the ingredients for a great workout…

I threw together this workout last week while the children were having fun playing in the park – all parties occupied and having fun!

Using just your body weight and a few pieces of the playground equipment it’s super easy to do, I didn’t even get my fitness gear on!

Warm up with a little march or jog on the spot and then, using the equipment in the park, perform 20 reps of each exercise.  Rest for 1-2 minutes after all 7 exercises have been completed and then repeat again until you have followed the full circuit 3 times.

There really are no excuses…If you want to see a video of this workout check it out here

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