Overnight Oats


I knew today was going to be a great day, despite crawling into my slumber last night at 12.20am and then hearing a little voice at 1am whispering, “mummy, will you come and cuddle me?”

It was master L, he’d gone to bed tired and a little under the weather so I kind of expected it.  Bad mother that I am, I just couldn’t pull my body up out of bed, so I let him climb in with me and have a snuggle (much to the husbands annoyance!)

So sleep was, how do I put it, a little lacking last night…my little dude was a trifle hot and fidgety to say the least.  Secretly I loved it though.  I tend to sneak in as many cuddles as I can, whenever I can with him as I know it won’t last forever…sniff.

So, when he woke me this morning, (yes, I did nod off eventually for all of about an hour I think!) I was a bit creaky to say the least.

But then, as you do (& I know you ALL do!), I took a quick look at my phone & was greeted with a lovely message from one of my clients sent at 7.19am:

“Finished my cardio workout today at home as hubby away & had your overnight oats for breakfast Melissa.  It’s the scrummiest overnight oats recipe that I have made…Thank you!  They were delicious”

Shortly followed by another message from a mutual friend who is in the same message group:

“They are lovely!  My hubby wants them every morning now.  I lost another pound this week too, slow but consistent I guess”

Those messages really lifted me up first thing.

I mean firstly I’m so glad to hear they loved the recipe, secondly I’m pleased to hear they managed to squeeze their workout in early doors (they both have 7 month old babies), thirdly that they are making steady progress and happy about it and last of all they took the time to bother to tell me 🙂

Thanks girls 🙂

It also reminded me to direct you all to the Overnight Oats Recipe.

If you haven’t ventured into this new found way of making porridge, what the heck are you waiting for?!
Even if porridge is not normally your thing, I urge you to try them!  The girls are right, they really are delicious.
There are lots of ways to mix it up, but this recipe is definitely my favourite so far and of course, super healthy.  Give it a go and let me know what you think.

After breakfast, I quickly got dressed into my ‘fit kit’ (even if I’m not working, I sometimes throw it on, I just can’t be bothered to wear anything else, I’m so much more comfy in my active wear!)
and was greeted at the foot of my stairs by two little people who looked up & said
“you look nice mummy”

Cute, what are you after?
I thought

Turns out nothing, and you know what, I’ll take the compliment all the same seeing as yesterday it was all about the wrinkles!

So we got out and moving early and took a trip to our local park which has had a super cool facelift including a new animal / wildlife playground which the little L’s love.

To make the outing even better we unexpectedly bumped into some friends from school, so the children had kind of an impromptu play date which they, of course, loved.

After a quick coffee at the park cafe, we headed home for lunch.  I let the little monkey’s watch bit of TV while I had a little time to browse the ye ol’ facebook…

And I was met with another lovely message from a very kind friend of mine:

“My friend is starting her new “feel great in 28” challenge on Monday. I did one of her challenges at the beginning of the year and have continued using her nutrition plan. I’ve lost a stone on it and have kept it off! It’s set me off on a much healthier way of life and it doesn’t feel as though you’re on a diet. (as you’re not. It’s healthy eating!). The food is delicious. if you’re interested go to the below link to sign up. Even if you don’t want to do the challenge you can still sign up for her daily email with advice and get a free one-week meal plan. “

How lovely is that?  Not only that she took the time to write it but that she has been keeping it going for 2 months, is still making progress and loves the food…

Thank you…you know who you are 🙂

So yes, my new ‘challenge’ starts Monday and although it’s taken me an absolute age to create, I’m really excited for everyone to see the ‘new’ meal plan and workouts and to get another great group of successful participants.  January was a great kick start to the year… this time we have more recipes and an extra week of fun!

If you’re interested in joining the fun, there are daily workout plans for beginners through to advanced, exercise videos, motivational words and videos from me and others and yummy meals and snacks all created to help shift a little body fat ready for bikini season!

If it’s not your thing, well then you still have the daily emails and all the social bits and bobs for free…

Right then, I better get on, still loads to sort out and we are off to the Cotswolds for another weekend of fun with friends this weekend…I’ll report in on Monday and tell you all about it.

Have an awesome weekend folks, stay positive 🙂







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