8 Healthy Habits to Help You Live a Little Longer


There is so much to talk about today.

First up though, I can’t believe Victoria Wood has passed away…She was a real comedy heroine of mine, I absolutely loved her work.  When I was young I used to watch her sketches endlessly, you must have all heard the ‘let’s do it’ song?

Oh my,

If you haven’t, you must go now, stop reading this and go
this minute
watch it.

It’s going to brighten up your day no end…

in fact here it is for you:

Told you.

I also loved the little opinion poll sketch…
I was just wondering if…
It’s all tobally tonifido…

Oh thank you Victoria and RIP wonderful lady.

So what else is happening today?

Oh yes.

The Queen is 90.

Good going Liz.
I wonder if we’ll live that long?

Maybe if we
 take life a little slower
reduce our stress levels
pay off the mortgage
get oursleves a butler or two…



maybe we can’t live life like a queen, but we can certainly have a good attempt at going the distance, fit and well

don’t you think?

I’m up for it, I had my children a little later in life so in order to keep up with them I’ve gotta put the work in to stay strong and fit.

Apart from not wanting to touch the seat in a public toilet, 
the reason why I do my many squats every week is to make sure I can get up and down unaided as life goes on…

Heck if I’m around when my kids are my age and they have kids, I’ll be 75 years old…

I want to be like my mum and still playing and having fun when I’m that age.

I want to make sure my knees, hips and ankles stay working so when I’m reaching for something on the bottom shelf I don’t seize up & get stuck down there…

I want to be able to move around with ease, as I age.

The reason I walk every day and put in my cardio time is to keep my lung capacity up so I don’t get out of breath when taking stairs and running around playing.

I don’t want to fall and have my bones break because I got osteoporosis, so I do strength workouts 3 times a week.

You see, it’s not all about having great abs and a flat tummy.

Yeah sure, there’s tonnes of it all over instagram and to be honest aged 40, it’s tough keeping up with those young fitness ‘grammers.

Don’t get me wrong, I want to look good at 40, but I also want to be strong and fit.

Now and for the future.

Putting the right kind of work in now will make a difference.

Mobility problems & lack of strength both come with age, that’s a fact,
 but that doesn’t mean we have to let it happen, get weak and become reliant on others.

Lack of strength to get up and down is totally preventable with a little daily healthy living.

I actually think that if we get in our daily activity now and stick with it, there’s a chance we could add at least another 10 years to our lives AND enjoy those years to the maximum,

and never have to get help using the bathroom…

If we live by these few simple rules, we can live our best life and stay feeling younger for longer…

Don’t overeat – work out what you need and stick to that.

Get Active – Watch Less TV – Busy yourself moving more.

Wear Sunscreen.

Drink Alcohol in Moderation.

Eat your Fruit & Veg daily.

Exercise for at least 30 minutes a day – even if it’s just a walk.

Don’t Smoke.

Strength train 2-3 times a week.

And if you’re not 100% sure how to go about doing all of this…you know I can help don’t you?

All you’ve got to do is ask…

I’ll see you tomorrow

My day on a plate so far…

Let me start with last night’s meal.
it was this super delicious plate of goodness.
Szechuan Spice Chicken Skewers with a carrot Salad

Today’s breakfast:
Porridge oats with chia seeds, blueberries, strawberries and semi skimmed milk


Houmous, Smashed Avocado & Chilli Flakes on wholemeal seeded roll.

Tonight we’re having Jamie Oliver’s Bombay Chicken…can’t wait.
Exercise today for me was simply a glorious 5k power walk in the sunshine…


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