Three Top Tips for Hump Day Happiness

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

So what does today have in store for you?

How about…

A positive mind, fierce determination & a few good food & fitness intentions to make your day awesome?

Yup thought so…same here.

After all we’re back at ‘Hump day’ again aren’t we?

I love Wednesdays though, they don’t give me the hump

Wednesdays are the day I buy inexpensive flowers like daisies or roses to put around my home.

Yellow or Red usually because apparently
Yellow is for happiness
And red is for amping excitement!

I also bake bread.

Well technically I do that on a Tuesday night, but let’s not get picky…

I cheat of course, I’m no baker.

I have my trusty Panasonic bread maker that does all the hard work for me.

So last night I whacked all the ingredients together into the little bucket, (takes 5 minutes) I pressed go and by the time I woke up this morning

hey presto…


not only the most yummy looking (& tasting) fresh loaf of bread ready for hump day treats but the house


If only I could sample the smell and attach it here…you know I would.

The other important thing to do to keep your day extra sparkly today is to


My lovely mum tends to visit on Wednesdays and she always brightens my day
not just because you do my ironing, clean up, take the kids off my hands and let me rest Mum…

Although of course that is awesome.

My Mum makes me laugh, a lot.  I’ll try and capture some of her humour on my Instagram stories today to share with you.

Anyway, here’s to us all making Wednesday the weekday to look forward to from now on,  let’s not let it be our down day… just pick something to brighten it up

Flowers, bread, people…

I’m off to tuck into some melted peanut butter & fresh strawberries on my fresh bread to start this Hump day off right…


While I do that, have a quick read of this little prose by Nadine Stair, it may inspire you to brighten up your everyday…

Good eh?

Have a fun, fit, flourishing Wednesday everyone

Life is now, you only have now,

Melissa xx

PS you have to try this dessert I made yesterday as our way of celebrating our American friends Independence Day… healthy, delicious, easy to make with the kids & a great summer dessert to share with friends.  Enjoy

Oaty Fruit Yoghurt US Flag


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