How Much Water Should I Drink?

See, the trouble with documenting your life on things like Snapchat is you get a good look at yourself and right now I'm really noticing the wrinkles... It's not helped by my daughter looking deep into my eyes this evening and asking 'mummy…

Super Cardio, Total Body HIIT Workout

So we had a little cinema date today, took the little L's to see the new Disney pic Zootropolis... I loved it, found it very funny and in a cute way, quite inspirational. There's this little bunny who since being a kit - yes that's what…

The Secrets of a Fit Mum

Talk about squeezing everything into 24 hours... It's school Easter holidays still, so my fitness regime at the moment is that well known workout called the 'mummy juggle' Not familiar with that one?

Who Inspires Me?

I just love being by a beach and this weekend I managed three days at my Mum's coastal retreat... bliss. We walked, climbed & hiked, ate delicious food and enjoyed catching up with our family and great friends. My Mum has recently…

Playground Workout

  So how did April Fools day go...did you get caught out? Luckily there were no pranks in our household, and knowing my hubby I can only assume he totally forgot this year...phew... Even if your April Fools Day pranks were a little…

How much is staying in your comfort zone costing your health & fitness?

Do you ever get that feeling that you have bitten off more than you can chew? Decided to try something new and it's left you in a little turmoil?

Practice Makes Perfect

My little ones love a run around, as most little people do…but today we got seriously ‘sporty’. I mean, after running through sprinklers for a bit of a giggle we moved on to gymnastics, handstands to be precise and hula hooping!

Food Glorious Food - Ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner

It’s been all about food & gardening for us this weekend. What did you get up to? With a little sunshine poking it’s way through we were inspired to make some really yummy summer roast dinners.

Five Friday Favourites

Busy day today... But yay, it’s Friday :) I’m so late with my message today that the weekend is here already... yippeee! Mine has started in the shade of pink! Enjoy your weekends folks, but before I go here are a few favourites for the week...