Questions to ask yourself to make healthy changes last

Sunday nights are movie nights for us. I love all sorts of movies, I don't have a specific genre I watch, although I do love a bit of a true story and a little old style Hollywood glamour, glitz & jazz hands every so often! I also love…
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Fun Functional Fitness & No Bake Granola Bars

That picture was actually taken to accompany a video I made about whether or not carbohydrates are bad for you for my online training clients but I thought it fitted this quote well too! (we can chat all things carbohydrate soon, I promise.) I…

7 Top Workout & Healthy Eating Tips to Start the Week

Workout? Eat healthy? Every Morning  you have two choices… Continue to sleep with your dreams or get up and chase them. Let’s kick start the week by creating a plan of action that we know we can stick to. Promise yourself…

Steamed Salmon with Curried Lentils, Kale & Pickled Red Onions

Well I honestly never thought I'd watch the Grand National on a cinema screen!  There's a first time for everything I guess. How was your weekend? We took a little trip to the Cotswolds,  the stunning view from the garden of the house…

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the TASTIEST, Healthiest, turkey burgers for the whole family