The Art of Healthy Food Shopping

So yesterday I added a new recipe to the recipe section on the site.  It was a delicious Jamie Oliver recipe of Monkfish, Spinach and Feta Cheese. Hubby and I had it on our little date night at home last Saturday and I can't stop raving…

The Power of Planning

I'm a dreadful planner. No, no, not dreadful at it...I LOVE it... I may well be classed as a little obsessive when it comes to planning actually, most things in my life focus around some kind of plan. No seriously, I have a : cleaning…

How to get the confidence to achieve your fitness goals

It's not easy is it? Sticking to a health & fitness plan I mean... You'll find a million health and fitness sites, bloggers, heck personal trainers like me out there pedalling their advice: Drink 8 glasses of water (OK I have…

Super Cardio, Total Body HIIT Workout

So we had a little cinema date today, took the little L's to see the new Disney pic Zootropolis... I loved it, found it very funny and in a cute way, quite inspirational. There's this little bunny who since being a kit - yes that's what…

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