7 Top Workout & Healthy Eating Tips to Start the Week

Workout? Eat healthy? Every Morning  you have two choices… Continue to sleep with your dreams or get up and chase them. Let’s kick start the week by creating a plan of action that we know we can stick to. Promise yourself…

Why it's Important to Never Skip Breakfast

photo credit: Katesea Flickr Someone asked me this week whether breakfast is important. Simple answer is yes. Don’t skip it. Why? Because it increases your chances no scrap that it dramatically increases your chances…

Inspiring Healthy Food & Exercise Choices to Avoid the Midweek Slump

Midweek Slump, Wednesday Wall, Hump Day Whatever you want to call it…. How is your Wednesday going? Not only are we halfway through the week… We are more than halfway through the year and that means my kiddos are almost done…

What would you try if you had no fear?

What would you try if you had no fear? Many moons ago when I was about 25 I met someone who made me realise that the only way to experience life in full colour was to take risks, take a chance and do things that got my blood pumping… fast. But…

Top Tips for Sticking to your Workouts

Right Let’s start this week as we mean to go on. Get your trainers at the ready and let’s have some fitness fun! To help motivate you to move & nourish your body everyday I write these blog posts and send the occasional email with words…

Weekend Diet & Workout Ideas - Five Friday Favourites

It's nearly the weekend whoaoaoah... You need to sing that bit! What do you folks have on the agenda? We have a birthday party (but when don't you have a weekend birthday party when your kids are at school, does this last for the next 15 years???)

Getting Rid of your Muffin Top - The Truth about Spot Reduction

It's probably the most common question I get asked in fact I reckon most days someone will ask me "how do I get rid of this bit" - they're grabbing the side of their torso, just above the trouser line - Yep, you know the question…

Workout Music Playlist

There's no doubt about it, Music has the insane ability to make or break a workout don't you think? An upbeat tune or better still a playlist full of cool tunes can work wonders for your workout motivation not to mention the energy you put…

Happy Hump Day

My husband always laughs at me when I start this one you see I love a game of "what's your favourite..." It's not really a game, in fact I didn't realise I even did it until a couple of years ago when he made a joke of me doing…