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The Secrets to Drinking More Water

You can NOT be serious man…did you see what happened yesterday? Not the tennis at Wimbledon, although that was great, but I’m talking about the… ANTS? Man, there were millions of the little blighters flying around…did you see them? We first saw them as we walked into my local Waitrose, my Mum and I then […]

Three Top Tips for Hump Day Happiness

Happy Wednesday Everyone! So what does today have in store for you? How about… A positive mind, fierce determination & a few good food & fitness intentions to make your day awesome? Yup thought so…same here. After all we’re back at ‘Hump day’ again aren’t we? I love Wednesdays though, they don’t give me the […]

How to Deal with a Major Pain in the Neck

“Did you know the human head weighs 8 pounds?” OK, name that movie and you’re new my new best friend… In fact name the little kid in it and we can be Best Friends Forever, I Love that movie. It really does by the way, your head weighs between 8 & 12 pounds, that’s if […]

Fitness Success, Consistency and a No Equipment Workout

Morning! How was your weekend? We had a really fun, busy weekend…more on that tomorrow first some fitness inspiration… Did I mention that I’ve been working with a group of girls doing online fitness for a while? It all started when I couldn’t get out to teach classes as I had an operation which meant […]

Happy Friday & Here’s to Making the Most of it!

Hooray it’s Friday! Everyone loves Friday don’t they? Getting ready for a night out, dancing, singing, drinking, laughing… Oh wait what am I talking about, I have children now… Just kidding, we get to go out still, just not as often these days. The weekends are busy though. This weekend we have dance, dance and […]