Speedy Strength & Cardio Workout

This full body strength & Cardio circuit workout is all you need to get your sweat on!  Start with a 5 minute warm up – cany cardio or dynamic movement will be good.  Something like:

  • light jogging (out or on spot)
  • stair climbing or stepping
  • marching on the spot
  • arm swings, knee lifts, arm circles, butt kicks combo

Choose a cardio you enjoy, run, bike, cross train, row and do your first 4 minutes.

Then move onto the strength section and repeat 1-3 times.

Complete all of the exercises once through for beginners, twice for intermediate and three times for advanced.

Go back to your cario for 4 minutes then strength etc and keep going until you are done.

Be sure to stretch and cool down after.  Check out my Fit 4 Mum TV channel on you tube for more stretching ideas.