Full Body Tabata Workout

This full body Tabata style circuit workout is all you need to get your sweat on!  Start with a 5 minute warm up – any cardio or dynamic movement will be good.  Something like:

  • light jogging (out or on spot)
  • stair climbing or stepping
  • marching on the spot
  • arm swings, knee lifts, arm circles, butt kicks combo

Take 20 seconds to do each exercise with a 10 seconds rest in between.

Complete all of the exercises once through (2 minutes) then repeat again to make 4 minutes.

After 4 minutes rest for 2 minutes and then move on to the next tabata set.

You should do each circuit twice to make a 4  minute tabata round and then repeat the whole thing again to make it a 16 minute workout.  With 5 minutes to warm up and 5 minutes to stretch & cool down, you’ll be all done and dusted in just 26 minutes.