Need motivation & guidance to get exercising?  Do you need someone to tell you what to do or someone to do it with?  Well sit back and keep reading because today I’m going to help get you started….

Where better to start than with your pelvic floor muscles?  While you are reading this, sit yourself up straight, take a breath in and as you breathe out, lift up your vaginal muscles and squeeze tightly (Like stopping yourself going to the toilet).  Repeat 10 times as you breathe in and out.

Done your 10 repetitions?  Great, lets move onto another seated exercise, this time we will focus on your upper back. Why? Because if your breasts haven’t doubled in weight since giving birth, I’m sure your daily life now involves more ‘bent over’ activities such as carrying and feeding. So, sit tall in your chair again and rest your hands on the table. Take a deep breath in, as you breathe out squeeze your shoulder blades back & together (as if trying to hold a small pen between them) Inhale & release. Repeat 10 times and make sure you don’t hunch your shoulders up to your ears.

Next, lets get those legs moving, heart pumping and blood circulating…get your trainers on and lets do our next exercises out side.   Whether the sun is shining or it’s drizzling a little, hitting the streets for a power walk with your baby is a great way to get moving. Using your own self-perceived rate of exertion as your guide, warm up at a level 5 for five minutes, then move to a level 6 for the next five minutes. Begin walking a little faster to a level 7 and continue at this intensity for 20 minutes. To cool down, bring it back down to a 5 for 5-10 minutes. (1 = easy / 10 = extremely hard)

Make it easier by finding a route you like and time yourself once. Make note of landmarks and use them as your guide. E.g. at the local shop move to level 6, begin level 7 at the primary school, begin cool down at the end of the high street.

Having cooled down, lets do some lunges with the buggy. With one hand on your buggy for balance, assume the lunge position: Long stride, hips square, tall body. Slowly dip your back knee down and slowly return to start position. Don’t forget to breathe. Continue until you have sung your favorite nursery rhyme to your baby once then change legs and repeat.

Now, take some time to stretch each major muscle group for 10-15 seconds and refuel with plenty of water. How you are feeling, are you feeling energized, positive and motivated? Remember this feeling and let it motivate you to exercise again tomorrow.

If you feel you need even more motivation to get going with the chance to chat with other Mums, find your local Buggyfit class and join us exercising and feeling great too!

Have fun and good luck!

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